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6 ways we can use data to create better content

by Marie Lewis | Oct 8, 2021
Everyone tosses around terms like “data-driven” and “know your audience,” but what does that really mean, and how can we do it in a way that drives meaningful, measurable outcomes for business? As Progress notes, looking at data after the fact only accomplishes so much. Here are some ways we can create data-driven content in a way that drives results and generates even more of that juicy data.
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Content Writing

Writing for the crickets: Why publish content nobody’s reading?

by Marie Lewis | Aug 19, 2021
We all know publishing regular content helps drive traffic, build an audience, reinforce brand identity, and put a face to the logo. But it can feel like a low priority when you’ve got tasks like budgeting, strategic planning, and order fulfillment on your plate. Here’s why you should keep trying!
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Sitefinity widgets

Why invest in an agency to develop your custom Sitefinity widgets?

by Marie Lewis | Jul 21, 2021
Sitefinity widgets help you customize your website within the Sitefinity framework. Basic widgets for content, blog posts, news, and navigation are built-in, but when your needs go beyond a simple content platform, custom tools can be developed for areas such as e-commerce, securely collecting customer data, and providing a unique user experience that reflects your brand.
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WordPress Plugins

Top WordPress Plugins for SEO, Analytics, and Beyond

by Marie Lewis | Jun 18, 2021
There’s a reason WordPress is the most popular web content management system in the world-- it’s open-source (free for anyone to use and modify), and you don’t have to be a software engineer to use it. But it does take a little savvy, and the sheer volume of plugins (55,000 and counting!) might seem a bit daunting to the casual user. So we’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress plugins for some of the most frequently used applications.
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