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SEO trends in Google Search Console

Google Search Console Holds Valuable Information

by Dan Finney | Feb 2, 2021
Many web design agencies add keywords to a site they’re building, but after the site launches, their clients are left to manage their own search engine optimization. SEO is an ongoing process – or at least it should be – but without help, businesses may not know how to monitor and improve their keyword rankings.
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Upgrade Your Website Hosting

Is it Time for You to Upgrade Your Website Hosting?

by Jenny Henderson | Dec 4, 2020
99% – that sounds like a lot, right? It is, if that’s your remaining cellphone battery life or your term paper grade. But if your website uptime is 99%, you might need to part ways with your web hosting service.
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Top ‘Indianapolis’ Search Terms

What Are the Top ‘Indianapolis’ Search Terms?

by Dan Finney | Nov 17, 2020
It’s no secret that Indianapolis companies want to rank well for popular search terms in their geographic area. Some local businesses add “Indianapolis,” and “near me” to their product and service descriptions, in an effort to outrank competitors. That’s a simple search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
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A street sign pointing in two different directions labeled "Then" and "Now"

Reflections from BoxCrush Employee #10

by Michelle McNally | Nov 5, 2020
Ten years ago, around the time Instagram made its debut, BoxCrush hired me as a freelancer. In November 2010, I became the tenth employee – and the first marketing employee – on the payroll, and I’ve been a dedicated BoxCrusher ever since. A lot has happened since that first freelance assignment!
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5 Ways Nonprofits Can Retool Marketing Efforts

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Retool Marketing Efforts

by Michelle McNally | Oct 15, 2020
This has been an unusual and unpredictable year, and businesses of all sizes have had to change their operations in accordance with social distancing recommendations or state and local mandates. For nonprofit organizations whose revenue depends largely on fundraising events, this year has been especially challenging. Now’s the time for nonprofits to refocus and to put more energy into digital marketing.
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