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A website design isn’t just pretty colors and appealing graphics. An effective design is a strategic step in reaching your customers. People may be evaluating you based on the quality of your website. When it’s intuitive, inviting, engaging, and informative, they may be more likely to put faith in your brand.

At BoxCrush®, our Indianapolis website design team isn’t interested in one-size-fits-all solutions. As an experienced Sitefinity partner and Indianapolis web design company, we create customized web designs that work across platforms, maximizing your impact online. We take the time to understand your business, your market, and your goals, and then design your site to reflect those values. 

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UX Design Indianapolis

UX Design

A website is at its best when it keeps the user top of mind. BoxCrush does just that as we create UX designs that guide your site’s visitors to the right places at the right time. We combine research data and your intimate knowledge of your company to lead website visitors down the path to whatever goal or conversion you may have. We also continue to help your website evolve as needs and goals change, ensuring a site that is always ready for the future.

Ecommerce Website Design

eCommerce Website Design

We can add eCommerce functionality to existing websites using platforms that allow for easy tracking of inventory and sales. We can develop Sitefinity eCommerce solutions and integrate open source content management systems with NopCommerce. Our Indianapolis website design team can also set up and manage your WordPress WooCommerce store and provide sales trend reports. No matter the platform, we can work to ensure a seamless experience for visitors that will drive sales and steer you closer to your growth goals.

Indianapolis Website Design

Responsive Web Design

Accessibility and responsiveness are key to keeping your site’s visitors engaged and focused on you and not on frustrating technical issues. Responsive web design will have your website looking good regardless of the device a user may be using to browse. This is essential in the current digital world when so many users may first encounter your company while scrolling through a smartphone.

Indianapolis Website Design

Branding and Logo Design

Logos evoke instant recognition and are often what a customer thinks of first when they hear a brand's name. Your brand’s essence has to be encapsulated in a single image, and that can be a daunting task. At BoxCrush, our Indianapolis logo designers take the time to understand what sets you apart and make sure that comes through in logo options we create specifically for you.

Indianapolis Website Design

It is important that you know what "website designer near me" means when searching for a web design company in Indianapolis, Indiana. Find out if they have a web design portfolio! BoxCrush offers website design services to fit your business model because we understand that every client is unique.  Connect with a web design expert to bring you closer to your business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is web design still in demand? 

Yes, there is still a big demand for website design. Businesses of all sizes, in all industries, and in all sectors are required to have a strong online presence due to the ever-increasing reliance on technology. For attracting clients, exhibiting goods or services, and establishing brand credibility, a well-designed and user-friendly website is essential. Web designers are also expected to keep up with the most recent design trends and user experience best practices as technology advances. Therefore, those who possess web design talents are in high demand in the employment market.

Can I hire someone to design my website? 

You can absolutely employ a professional web designer for your website. Web design services are provided by numerous people and businesses, including freelance designers and web design firms. By hiring a pro, you can be sure that your website is designed to match your unique demands and goals and is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

What does a web designer do? 

A web designer is in charge of producing the visual elements, layout, and overall look and feel of a website. They work with clients or project managers to understand the website's objectives and requirements. To illustrate their design thoughts, web designers employ a variety of design tools and approaches to produce wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. Additionally, they choose and alter images, color schemes, and fonts to produce a website that is both attractive and user-friendly. To translate their concepts into useful websites, web designers may also be familiar with coding languages like HTML and CSS.

How much does a good web designer cost? 

The cost of a skilled web designer might change depending on a number of variables, including the project's complexity, the designer's experience and competence, and the designer's location. The costs can often range from $1,000 to $10,000 or more. It's crucial to spend money on a qualified expert who fits your project's needs and spending limit.

Is web design lucrative? 

A successful career in web design is possible. There is an ongoing need for professional web designers due to the rising demand for websites and online presence. Companies are prepared to pay top dollar for experts who can design intuitive websites that enhance traffic and conversions. Web designers also have the option to work freely or as freelancers, giving them the freedom to set their own wages and possibly make even more money. It's crucial to remember that, like in any job, the level of pay might vary depending on criteria including experience, aptitude, and geographic region.

What is local web design? 

Local web design is the process of developing websites that are specifically targeted toward a certain geographic location or community. It entails creating websites that satisfy the requirements and tastes of neighborhood corporations, associations, or people. This involves integrating regionally relevant and audience-specific localized features, functionalities, and content. Additionally, local web design could entail optimizing the website for increased local search engine visibility to ensure that it shows up in local search results. In general, local web design concentrates on developing an intuitive and attractive website that successfully connects businesses or organizations with the local community.