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Social Media Advertising

Whether your goal is to boost sales or simply to collect email addresses, on average, you’ll need to make 5 to 7 impressions with prospects before they take any action. Placing ads on social media can help you do that.

As of the first quarter of 2018, more than 2.19 billion people per month were using Facebook, Twitter had 336 million monthly active users, and 562 million users were on LinkedIn. For each of those users, demographic data has been collected, such as age, gender, and location, that marketers can use in developing highly targeted ads.

BoxCrush® can manage your social media advertising strategy and based on how people react to ads, we can gain even more insights into the traits of your target audience and the kind of content that motivates them to take action.

How Targeted Social Ads Can Help You

Organic posts have seen a marked decline in reach. In 2018, Facebook’s Head of News Feeds Adam Mosseri announced that the platform was positioning itself to be “more about connecting with people and less about people consuming media in isolation.” This newest change has further decreased organic reach for many businesses. In order to succeed, businesses must now create a competent posting strategy that includes organic and paid content that features brand-consistent social media graphic design

A knowledgeable digital marketing agency can help you to succeed in this ever-more-challenging space. With paid, targeted ads, we can reach an audience that’s interested in your product, measure the results of the ad campaign, and make changes that can further improve your results. BoxCrush can help you effectively reach your current fans and extend your influence by identifying “lookalike” audiences (people who aren’t currently following you but are similar to consumers who have shown interest in your brand).

Best Strategies for Reaching the Right Audience

Unlike billboards, which advertise products to the broadest audience possible, social ads are most effective when they appear only for the people who find them most relevant. We generally recommend clients choose our marketing automation services to get the most out of their social ad campaigns. With marketing automation tools, we can track people who have visited your website, or viewed a specific product page, to show them social ads based on their activity (otherwise known as retargeting, or remarketing).  

BoxCrush Social Media Management

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Choosing the Best Approach

You may not need ads for every social media platform. We can help you determine which platforms are most appealing to your target demographic, so you know where to focus your efforts.

Social media ads can work together with your other marketing strategies to increase your impressions with your audience. Ask us how.