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Healthcare Network and Practice Case Studies

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A healthcare network or practice relies on the ability to attract and retain patients. This used to be accomplished primarily by word of mouth. However, in a much more mobile and digital society, any medical practice has to take into account how they appear to today’s tech-aware patients. They are looking for security, accessibility, reviews, information, and beyond. BoxCrush has helped clients with all of the above and brings background knowledge about HIPAA compliance and other healthcare regulations governing digital content.


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Healthcare Reputation Management

Today’s digital consumers use many sources of information before making a decision, but one of the most prevalent is review ratings. Savvy businesses employ the power of reputation management. However, not every organization has the skills or resources to manage its reputation effectively. A healthcare network needed BoxCrush’s help to establish trust in its facilities and doctors. With a carefully developed strategy, BoxCrush: 

  • Increased the number of reviews
  • Increased the rating for the facilities and physicians
  • Set up automated review solicitation
  • More than doubled the number of Google Search Appearances

Download our reputation management case study to learn more.

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Healthcare Review Responses

Reviews can have a major impact on your healthcare practice, but don’t underestimate the power of review responses. A well-timed and well-written review response can make an impact on not only the reviewer but also potential new patients. BoxCrush helped a client create a thoughtful and impactful review response strategy that completely changed one patient’s point of view.

Read our mini case study about the power of review responses.