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SharpSpring Email Marketing Automation Service

SharpSpring Marketing Automation

Wouldn’t you want to know if a potential customer was looking at your website? Better still, wouldn’t you want to know what pages your potential customer is visiting so you can personalize their visit, meet their needs, and win their business? With SharpSpring marketing automation software, you can do that – and a lot more.

SharpSpring is a suite of tools that improves efficiency, delivers valuable intelligence about your prospects and customers, generates leads, and provides comprehensive campaign analytics. BoxCrush® can set up and manage your SharpSpring marketing automation system for you, so you can connect with your customers and drive sales.


Amped-Up Email Marketing

Email marketing is most successful when it’s developed with specific goals in mind and delivers content based on user behavior. SharpSpring can trigger emails based on certain user behaviors, send alternate versions of the same email based on user preferences, and track how recipients interact with emails. It can also be designed to align with your other digital advertising goals so everything works in tandem. 

When BoxCrush designs an email template, we test it to see how it looks across different devices and platforms.

Email List Management

Before you can launch an email marketing campaign, you need a well-curated email list. SharpSpring allows for easy segmentation of email lists by demographics, geography, business type, and other variables. Emails can even be sorted by “lead owner” (the specific internal person who is nurturing the lead).

Transparency for Sales and Marketing Teams

Sales and marketing teams often work independently of each other instead of together (and some sales teams have no marketing support whatsoever). SharpSpring creates a transparent workflow – from initial prospecting all the way through to the point of sale. When your team has access to the same information, you never have to worry about sales and marketing duplicating each other’s efforts or losing leads due to miscommunication. BoxCrush can also design your email campaign to align with your broader digital marketing strategy

SharpSpring can be configured to automate most aspects of your customer relationship management (CRM). It can send internal reminders to sales staff when it’s time to follow up with a client or take a specific action. And SharpSpring also has mobile functionality, so your sales team can access it when they’re out of the office.

BoxCrush Marketing Automation Services

Want to know more about what your user is doing on your website? Would you like to trigger messages to your audience based on their behavior? We can help you use marketing automation strategically.

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Reporting and Analytics

Curious about which landing pages are most appealing for visitors, and how long they stay on a page? BoxCrush can gather that information through SharpSpring. The software can even determine the identity of anonymous website visitors by reverse-tracking the IP address.

BoxCrush works with you to define your goals and then develops your marketing automation plan to support those goals and help you succeed. We continuously monitor site analytics and adjust campaign settings to improve your results. Whether you’re looking to decrease marketing time-on-task, increase customer insights, or improve your inbound marketing conversion rate, BoxCrush can put you on the path to success.