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Social Media Marketing Stategy

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One of the easiest ways to build awareness of your brand is to interact with current and
potential customers on social media platforms.

How to Get Started

We’ve created some guides to help you start maximizing your social media presence.


Download 8 Tips for Taking Marketing Photos on the Go


Download Social Media Posting Guide and Best Practices


Download Leveraging Social Media for Blog Promotion

Targeting Your Audience

Not ready to take on social media on your own? Our Indianapolis social media management team offers three levels of services. We also offer social media advertising services for targeted ad placement across platforms and create custom social media graphic designs to ensure brand consistency and optimize your images across all devices.

A good social media strategy requires knowing where your audience is online. Each social media platform has different demographics (for example, Instagram and X users are younger, on average, than Facebook users). LinkedIn is ideal for B2B marketing, but businesses can also use Facebook’s advertising and remarketing tools to target business owners and professionals.

You may not need a social media presence on every platform, but you need to be where your potential customers are. We’ll help you identify which platform is most relevant for your business, and we’ll create a strategy that engages your audience.

BoxCrush Social Media Management

Our social media marketing services can generate more traffic and conversions for your website. Tell us your goals, and we can get started.

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Our Approach: Great Content


Social media posts are most successful when they contain meaningful content that inspires followers to like, comment, or share. It’s not easy to come up with great content ideas on the fly, and that’s why BoxCrush plans social media posts in advance that are designed to complement your other content development.

Your content calendar shows your post topics at least a month in advance. We may also suggest hashtags to support your daily posts. Based on our experience, and measurable results, we know that the timing of social media posts should be consistent – posting four times on Monday and nothing the rest of the week is confusing for followers. So we time your posts in a way that’s relevant to users’ expectations.

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