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A lot of clients come to us with a predicament: They bought a marketing automation platform to save time, but they don’t have time to learn how to use it.

Marketing automation software isn’t always intuitive and it doesn’t come with a strategy tailored to your organization. Some software companies charge thousands of dollars to teach customers how to use their products, and the process can last months. BoxCrush® already has expertise in marketing automation. We’ll put your platform to work for you, so you can start seeing results.

How Marketing Automation Can Help You

BoxCrush offers scalable marketing automation services – we can provide the basic tools you need, or we can manage the entire process for you. And if you’re new to email marketing or need to improve your process, we offer three levels of email marketing services. Combine marketing automation with email marketing, if you want to connect with consumers effectively and efficiently.

With marketing automation, BoxCrush can:

  • Discover how email recipients are moving through the buyer’s journey/sales process
  • Alert your sales team when a lead returns to the website
  • Trigger emails and ads based on how users behave on your website
  • Send personalized messages to your prospective or existing clients
  • Automate processes and save time

Setting Up Your Marketing Automation

Marketing automation, as the name implies, automates tasks that would be far too time-consuming or repetitive for humans. But first, it needs input from your team. We’ll help you create rules that tell your software what to do and when. BoxCrush has experience navigating marketing automation software services like HubSpot and SharpSpring that can help your marketing strategy move seamlessly from one step to the next.

Some businesses want more leads. Some want more sales. Some are trying to improve customer retention. Whatever your objective is, we’ll identify the steps you need to take, and we’ll measure the results of those actions. We also offer content development services if you need us to write the content for your email campaigns.

Targeting Consumers

With basic email marketing, companies typically send the same email, at the same time, to everyone on their list. But a new lead and an existing customer have different interests. Marketing automation ensures that your subscribers receive only those messages that are most relevant to them.

Marketing automation collects information about your prospects and customers, such as their buying habits, where they spend their time online, and how often they read your emails. That information is essential for creating targeted campaigns for specific consumers.

Segmenting Your Email Lists

Using information your marketing software captures, we can further segment your users by a number of factors. We can then test various approaches with marketing automation software to see how your audience responds to specific subject lines, content, and calls to action. With segmentation and testing, we gain insights about your audience demographics that help you understand who’s most interested in your brand.

BoxCrush Marketing Automation Services

Want to know more about what your user is doing on your website? Would you like to trigger messages to your audience based on their behavior? We can help you use marketing automation strategically.

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Refreshing Your Strategy

At some point, you may need to refresh your content or adjust your strategy. BoxCrush can help you with that, too.