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If you have a list of customer email addresses, you’ve got the foundation for a strategic marketing campaign. But what do you do with those addresses? How do you use them to drive sales goals?

BoxCrush® will help you harness the power of your email list. We offer three levels of email marketing services so you can choose only the services you need. We’ll help you get started or we’ll manage every aspect of your long-term email marketing efforts. And if you don’t know how to capture email addresses, we can set up campaigns that help you grow your subscriber list.

What Email Marketing Can Do for You

Email marketing gives you valuable intelligence about your subscribers. When we send an email to your address list, we can see who opens it, how much time they spend reading it, and whether they take action based on the email’s content. It’s a simple way of tracking engagement and understanding the type of content your audience wants to see.

With A/B testing, we can experiment with subject lines, content, images, and delivery times to determine which combination of factors results in the highest open rates and engagement. 

Managing Email Marketing Lists

Email servers are becoming increasingly sophisticated at blocking spam, and when they detect a high volume of unopened emails from a specific sender, they may flag that sender’s messages as spam. That’s why a small email list of engaged subscribers is always better than a large email list with inactive (or uninterested) subscribers – you want people to open and read your messages.

When you choose BoxCrush to manage your email marketing lists, we’ll ensure that only people interested in your brand, product, or services are receiving your newsletter. We can also segment your list by demographics, customer lifecycle, or other parameters, for the purpose of creating subscriber-specific marketing campaigns.  

BoxCrush Marketing Automation Services

Want to know more about what your user is doing on your website? Would you like to trigger messages to your audience based on their behavior? We can help you use marketing automation strategically.

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Our Overall Approach

BoxCrush is an Indianapolis web design and development firm with expertise in content development, digital marketing, Google Ads, and social media strategy. We can manage every aspect of your online presence – designing and building your website, creating content, managing pay-per-click ads, and launching email marketing campaigns and social strategies that drive consumers toward conversion.