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Content Development

Your website needs content. But what should that content look like? What’s the purpose of it? Who’s your audience? BoxCrush® can answer all of these questions for you.

We offer three levels of content development services, so you can choose a solution that’s best for you. Tell us what your goals are, and we’ll recommend a content development strategy that gets results.

Why Content Matters

When an internet user types a term or question on a search engine, the search engine’s algorithm sorts available websites somewhat by the quality of the website architecture, but increasingly, the content on a website is what boosts its search engine rankings.

To some extent, you can capture website traffic organically (meaning someone finds your website by searching for a product or service you offer), but to really get results, and to help potential customers find you, your content should be optimized for search engines.

SEO Copywriting

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of discovering the terms people are searching for that would lead them to your website then carefully weaving those terms (keywords, or keyword phrases) into your copy. If you choose our content development services and our SEO services, we’ll create an SEO keyword strategy and produce quarterly SEO analytics that show you where you appear in the search results for the keywords we’re tracking.

Establishing Your Brand

Words help people learn who you are. Your blogs, your leadership bios, and the way you describe your products or services can communicate your values and your personality as a company. When we write your content, we spend time learning about what’s important to you – what message you want to convey to your customers. Then we create content that supports your goal.

Consistency and tone are important for any brand. If your brand doesn’t have a “voice” or tone, we’ll help you find it. We also offer social media management as a separate service if you need us to build your brand’s reputation on social sites.

Working Collaboratively

In order to maintain a consistent and present voice, we will help to establish a process for content production. We will find the right opportunities for your team to provide talking points and then review content before it is published. Our collaborative project management software allows you to see what’s happening with your content, so you know when it’s in progress, ready for your review, or ready to publish.

Clients in healthcare, banking, and other industries subject to strict federal regulations may be concerned about a third party creating their content. We understand that and can include your legal team and subject matter experts in the process.

BoxCrush Content Development

We can help you learn how to deliver your message in a consistent voice that’s relevant to your audience. Our content development services will help you keep your content fresh.

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Content Production Experience

The BoxCrush content production team has a background that includes writing corporate news, blogs, email marketing campaigns, social media, trade publications, newspapers, promotional materials, and website content for sites ranging from 20 pages to hundreds of pages. We create flawless content that draws visitors to your site and keeps them engaged once they get there.