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A customer mentioning your business online, or “checking in” virtually at your location can be good for business. But not if they misspell your name. Your business may, in fact, have several “locations” online, based on erroneous information entered by users, old addresses or locations that were never removed, or sometimes Google maps just has your marker in the wrong spot.

With BoxCrush® location services, you get the peace of mind in knowing your local listing information is up-to-date and accurate. We’ll manage your single-location listing on more than 100 listing platforms, including Yelp, Google My Business, and Google Maps.


Following Guidelines

Google asks businesses to define themselves based on a number of available categories. Failing to choose the appropriate specific categories can have a negative impact on your company’s search ranking. BoxCrush will choose only the most relevant categories for your business, and if Google changes its rules for categories (or any aspect of location-based listings), we’ll update your information accordingly.

Google Ads and Maps

Google doesn't offer map-based ads as a separate service, but if you're running a local Google Ads campaign, your ad may appear on Google Maps when a user is searching for location information. For ads promoting a brick-and-mortar business, Google presents search ads based on company information in Google My Business

Maintaining Consistency

BoxCrush can write and/or optimize your business description for each location-based platform, including links to your social profiles to encourage customer engagement. Presenting a consistent format across platforms improves your overall brand impression with people searching for your products or services.

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Putting Your Listing in Front of the Right People

You may not necessarily need a location listing on every available platform. We can help you determine which platforms would best help you connect with your local target audience. When you also choose us to handle your search engine optimization services, we can use SEO strategy and location services to boost your ranking for locally searched keywords.