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The customer buying cycle is growing longer for business-to-business enterprises. Budget-conscious decision-makers want more evidence that a product or service solves a problem and delivers a good return on investment. If you’re marketing to a B2B audience, white papers can help you demonstrate the value of your products and show prospects your depth of knowledge about the problems they need to solve.

To create a professional white paper, you need a team that understands how to conduct research, organize information, and use language that appeals to your audience and takes search engine optimization (SEO) into account. And because no one wants to see six pages of text, you need a designer to add visual elements to your white paper. If you don’t have those skills in-house, you need BoxCrush®.

What White Papers Can Do

Think of your website content that describes your products or services as an introduction, or a summary. The details about how businesses benefit from those products or services should be explained in a white paper, and supported by facts and statistics.

Visitors to your site who read your white paper content have moved beyond the discovery phase – they know who you are now and what you do, and they’re curious to learn more. If you “gate” your white papers – require visitors to provide an email address in order to download them – you can find out exactly who’s reading your content. With the right tools, you can even track those email addresses to find out how prospects interact with social media and use marketing automation to create targeted campaigns and move those prospects through the sales funnel. 

BoxCrush Content Development

We can help you learn how to deliver your message in a consistent voice that’s relevant to your audience. Our content development services will help you keep your content fresh.

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Creating Shareable Content

Word-of-mouth recommendations are just as relevant today as they’ve always been. In the digital marketplace, people who share your content are effectively endorsing its quality or your authority on a specific topic. An engaging white paper that people want to share with their colleagues can help raise awareness of your brand. BoxCrush can create white papers that help you expand your digital reach and move prospects toward conversion.

Interested in seeing our approach? Ask for  a copy of our white paper, “Marketing Automation: How Software Supercharges Sales Strategy.”