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Recommended Tools

Here is a list of tools that BoxCrush recommends to all of our clients (really, competitors and all website owners, even if they are not clients). Most of these tools you will want to have a direct account with so that you can enjoy backend access and more feature control.  For some of these tools, BoxCrush has a reseller account, and by clicking through the following links (instead of going to the sites directly) code snippets to these tools will be available to the BoxCrush team without you having to lift a finger.


What it is: AccessiBe provides accessibility tools for your website. According to AccessiBe's website, this tool will make your website compliant with WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508, AODA, ACA, and more. (You can see it in action on the bottom-right corner of this website.)

Why you want it: The best reason is that it makes browsing your website a much better experience for anyone with a disability or vision impairment. It allows users to change font sizes, colors, contrast levels, hear it on an audible text reader, and more.

Where to get it: 



What it is: Cookiebot is a tool that informs your users about the cookies on your site and gives them the option to agree to or decline certain cookies.

Why you want it: It gives your users control over their own privacy. 

Where to get it:



What it is: LastPass is a secure password management and sharing tool.  Control many passwords with one login.

Why you want it: Most corporate data breaches are caused by ineffective password management. This will help your business manage which employees and vendors have access to your passwords.  When an employee leaves, you can remove their access and reassign the passwords to a different employee. You can share passwords with anyone without using insecure email or unencrypted spreadsheets (which is a terrible idea, if you didn't know). Added bonus for BoxCrush: It makes our lives so much easier to know where all of your accounts are and how to log in. 

Where to get it: 


Google Search Console (Free)

What it is: Google Search Console is a must-have tool for any website. These are Google's official tools that help you fix issues, become aware of problems, see where you rank in Google search results, and measure your site's search traffic and performance. 

Why you want it: Search Console tools are Google's primary way to communicate if Google is penalizing you for violating their terms and conditions OR if they have detected malicious software on your site.  They will warn searchers of malicious software and may even (will probably) remove you from the search results until it is fixed.  This may be the only way you become aware of a problem.

Where to get it: 

Verify your website: (BoxCrush can help our Clients with the verification steps.)

Add BoxCrush as a user:  (This will give BoxCrush access to your Search Console so that we can help monitor your website, an essential step if we are managing your SEO.)


UptimeRobot (Free)

What it is: UptimeRobot is tool that lets you know if your website has downtime (is unavailable to users) or is very reliable.

Why you want it: Did you select the cheapest possible hosting plan? Are you wondering if that was the right decision? Do you have expensive dedicated hosting that should never go down? Are you wondering if that was the right decision?  This free tool will help you find out. Added bonus for BoxCrush: BoxCrush hosting is very reliable. Clients often come to us with their websites hosted on the cheap stuff and aren't even aware that their websites are frequently down. It's a great way for us to showcase the benefits of dedicated hosting services.

Where to get it: 


HubSpot (Free)

What it is: HubSpot is a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that has tools for sales teams, marketing professionals, and customer service.

Why you want it: Is your receptionist currently receiving your website form results and then forwarding them to the personal emails of your sales team one by one?  Stop the madness! BoxCrush can set up forms to go to specific salespeople by service, region, or specialty. Your sales team can have one-click responses and email drip campaigns (written by BoxCrush) with automatic appointment scheduling, and a pretty report can go to the boss showing her who is and isn't closing the deals.

Where to get it: Meet with your BoxCrush customer service representative for an invite. (Each invite to a free account has to be generated in our HubSpot Partner Portal.) And yes, that meeting link is an example of a HubSpot appointment calendar.