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A Healthcare Website for the Modern Patient 

The healthcare sector is constantly growing, and with that immense growth come some major growing pains. One of the biggest challenges is keeping up with a patient’s demand for a dependable, fast, and user-friendly website. Patients expect a seamless experience and up-to-date information. 


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With a carefully planned modern website design, BoxCrush created a website to propel this community healthcare provider into the future and satisfy both current and prospective patients.


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How We Did It

#1: Improved Loading Speed

Optimizing a website’s performance has multiple benefits. First, the user will get the near-instant gratification of finding what they want fast. Second, faster loading times benefit SEO as well. According to HubSpot, “Having an engaging, content-rich website won’t help drive conversions if your site loads slowly and users point their browsers elsewhere.” BoxCrush web design and development experts optimized images and other design elements to load quickly, and this resulted in the website’s performance reaching a new high. Its new website healthscore on an SEO auditing tool is 92 out of 100, rated “Excellent,” and will continue to climb as more optimizations are put in place.  

#2: Decreased Low Content Pages

It is often said that “content is king,” but there is such a thing as too much content, especially if it’s too short or redundant. Yoast says, “If you’re writing a lot of quality content about a similar topic, you’ll have a bigger chance to suffer from keyword cannibalization.” In other words, if you have several pages all focusing on the same keyword, you’re competing against yourself. To help create a better website experience, BoxCrush set out to reduce the excessive number of low-quality and low content pages. As a result, the healthcare website went from over 1,800 URLs to under 700 URLs. Of course, this also improves the patient’s experience of navigating the website because they don’t have to click through an endless trail of content. 

#3: Consistent Local Listings

One of the most common questions a patient will have is how to contact a healthcare facility or find where they are. That’s why consistent local listings information is so important. The Search Engine Journal puts it very clearly: “NAP consistency is an important part of Google’s local search and Local Pack algorithms, which means that building citations with a consistent NAP on your Google Business Profile listing and other online directories and sites can influence your local rankings.” NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information means patients in the area can find you quickly. BoxCrush not only created over 70 local listings for our healthcare client but also created custom tracking URLs so we could watch how often they brought patients to the website. Since the implementation, our healthcare client’s local listings have surged to the top of the Local Pack and brought consistent traffic to the website. 

#4: Smart UX Design

Modern website design relies heavily on intelligent user experience design. Users are expecting to be able to get through your website quickly and naturally. In fact, Forbes has a list of 7 essential aspects of website design, and 3 of them relate to UX. When BoxCrush audited our healthcare client’s website, the navigation made it very difficult to find out where you were going and how to get back. The new design features a clean navigation and top banner with essential links that a user can find no matter where they land on the website. 

Do you have a healthcare website with a strategy stuck in the past? BoxCrush has experience creating attractive, high-performing, custom websites for healthcare providers and can also navigate more nuanced needs, like local listings and map strategy, HIPAA compliance, and web accessibility.

It's time to build an online presence that enhances your practice and conveys your values as a provider. It's time to find out who is really interested in what you have to offer, what excites them, and what drives their decisions to reach out for help.

Get excited about your practice again. Explore new possibilities and untapped potential. Together, let's discover what's holding you back. Let's find that box and crush it!

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