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5 Ways a CRM Can Keep Your Prospects From Slipping Through the Cracks

by Marie Lewis | Aug 23, 2022
One thing we often hear when we’re onboarding new clients is that they’ve had difficulty implementing a contact relationship manager (CRM) and taking advantage of all the tools it has to offer. They know they have the ability to capture leads from website downloads and form-fills and automate responses, but they don’t know the full scope of tools available to them. Here are five ways having a CRM linked to your website can keep your prospects from slipping through the cracks.
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Split screen showing a 2000-era CRT monitor displaying an older looking website, next to a modern flat screen monitor displaying a modern website

20 Years With BoxCrush: How It Started/How It’s Going

by Marie Lewis | May 24, 2022
We’ve been crushing it now for 20 years and we thought it would be fun to take a look back at how much things have changed since we first got started.
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A woman with a thoughtful expression is holding a laptop in front of a green textured background

So You Want To Optimize Your Google Ads Campaigns (Tips For Beginners, Intermediates, and Experts!)

by Marie Lewis | Apr 26, 2022
Whether you’re a Google Ads newbie, or a seasoned pro seeking ideas for testing and optimizing elements of your campaign, we’ve got you covered. Here are some quick tips for increasing paid search clicks and conversions, optimizing your campaigns, and reducing your costs, no matter what your skill level happens to be.
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Physicians using tablets to work on digital marketing

Bringing Accessibility to Healthcare Websites

by John Goddard | Feb 25, 2022
Learn how accessibility can take your healthcare website to the next level and show an awareness of user experience best practices.
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A healthcare provider working on their marketing

How Healthcare Marketing is Evolving

by Michelle McNally | Feb 22, 2022
Learn about the latest trends in healthcare marketing and how you can make your practice, clinics, or health network stand out from the rest.
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