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Demystifying Performance Max Campaigns

by Celeste Caraker | May 6, 2024
Google's Performance Max campaigns allow you to push ads across the entire network and use Google AI to optimize bidding, budget, audiences, and more. Read our quick tips for getting started and budgeting wisely to maximize results.
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A stylized image of hands typing on a laptop keyboard. The screen shows an email inbox.

4 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Email Deliverability

by Marie Lewis | May 1, 2024
Getting your message into inboxes is one of the most important elements of a successful marketing strategy. If your emails aren't being delivered, not only are your efforts wasted but you also risk damaging your domain reputation as well. Fortunately, there are actionable steps you can take today to improve email deliverability. Let's look at four key strategies that can make an immediate impact.
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How to Gather Assets for a Case Study

by Celeste Caraker | Apr 5, 2024
There’s a reason why you frequently come across case studies while surfing the 'net. They are a highly effective tool for showing someone why they should choose a particular company, especially if it's a small business or in a niche industrial or manufacturing market. Use our guide to take out the guesswork, simplify the process, and gather the assets you need to write the perfect case study. #1: Pick a Project, Product, or Customer Ahead of Time
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A woman looks frustrating while using a website with poor UX design

11 Website Gripes (And How to Prevent Them!)

by Marie Lewis | Mar 6, 2024
Even the most visually stunning websites can fall short if they neglect essential elements of design and functionality. Read about 11 website design and functionality flaws– and improvements you can make to provide your audience with the delightful website experience they deserve.
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2024 Guide to Local SEO

by Marie Lewis | Feb 28, 2024
If you’re running a brick-and-mortar business in 2024, odds are that you already have some experience with Google Maps and optimizing your local business listings. However, studies show there are some common areas where businesses still neglect local SEO. Let’s take a look at the ways you should be optimizing for local search this year.
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