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4 Digital Strategies To Reach a Niche Audience

by Marie Lewis | Sep 15, 2023, 18:29 PM

Manufacturing and Industrial Marketing

When you sell a common product such as shoes, home decor, or household electronics, it can be easy to cast a wide net and reach your target audience. But what if your product is in a very specialized corner of a manufacturing or industrial market? 

The possible number of monthly searches and visits may be significantly fewer than the number of people searching for say, air fryers. It’s important to hone your focus to ensure you don’t waste precious labor and marketing dollars on competitive keywords that don’t deliver, clicks that don’t convert, and quote requests from unqualified leads.

It’s also more important than ever for specialized manufacturing and industrial businesses to have a fast, secure website to deliver the best user experience possible to your niche audience. A modern design, sharp branding, and a seamless and reliable digital experience ensure you are converting casual browsers into repeat buyers and brand evangelists. 

Last, industrial marketing strategies must respond to leads, generate quotes, nurture prospects, and analyze data as efficiently as possible to ensure you aren’t losing qualified buyers in process delays. 

BoxCrush covers all of these areas by developing websites, applications, and digital marketing strategies for our industrial and manufacturing clients, helping them drive more targeted traffic, convert more prospects, and ultimately grow their business. Here are four strategies we’ve executed for BoxCrush clients. 

#1 Hyperfocused Google Ads Strategy Increases ROI

Online competition for keywords and search rankings can be high in a niche industry. An industrial manufacturer came to BoxCrush with an existing Google Ads campaign. Emerging competition was resulting in a higher cost-per-click, but fewer clicks and conversions, and an overall decreasing return on their investment.

Boxcrush was able to help our client overcome these challenges by completely reorganizing their Google Ads campaign and creating narrowly focused ad groups, each with a specific target demographic and keyword focus. This lowered our client's cost-per-click and significantly increased their click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate. 

#2 Organic SEO Strategy + Paid Search (“Double Coverage”)

In any industry, but especially niche markets, organic traffic is just as important as paid search traffic. When an industrial contractor experienced an increase in traffic from unqualified buyers, BoxCrush again recommended executing a more targeted Google Ads campaign to drive their desired prospects - industrial facility operators - to the site.

The SEO team also utilized the benefits of “double coverage” that an organic search strategy combined with a paid search campaign provides. BoxCrush performed a comprehensive SEO audit of the website to ensure high-volume keywords and industry terms would drive the desired organic traffic to the site. 

#3 Custom Functionality and Automation Enables Faster Fulfillment

In this case, a manufacturing client had a custom parts configurator with some flawed functionality that was causing delays. Additionally, a lack of automation meant that requests from the website had to be relayed manually to the engineering and sales teams that were handling them. BoxCrush resolved the functionality issues and built a process to automate fulfillment and delivery, reducing our client’s 24 to 48 hour turnaround time to less than 30 minutes! 

#4 Marketing Automation + CRM Integration Boosts Traffic and Conversions

An industrial service and supply company had a website that was low on content and a marketing strategy that wasn’t keeping prospective clients engaged or tracking their actions effectively, meaning many leads were falling through the cracks. 

BoxCrush created fresh search-optimized content for the website and added user-friendly quote request forms on every page. We also implemented an email marketing and social media strategy and integrated those platforms with a customer relationship management (CRM) system, enabling our client to reach prospects, track and analyze engagement, and measure the results of their campaigns.

Better content kept users on the site longer and decreased the bounce rate, and marketing and CRM automation enabled them to follow their users throughout the buying journey in order to reach, engage, and serve them more effectively.

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