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Healthcare Marketing Trends To Track in 2024

by Marie Lewis | Oct 24, 2023, 20:14 PM

Modern patients have more options than ever before when it comes to healthcare providers, and they approach healthcare as consumers in the same way that they do for other goods and services: they’re looking for positive reviews, easy access to online resources and information, and personalized options. 

Modern patients will expect the ability to schedule appointments and complete paperwork online, receive automated appointment reminders via text or email, and schedule telehealth visits to meet with providers remotely. And they will expect their providers to be transparent and informative and work to build their trust. 

With these critical areas in mind, let’s explore some of the trends in healthcare marketing that practices and providers should be committed to this year and into 2024.

Maintaining accurate business location listings

With hundreds of local listing platforms like Yelp and Google My Business, it’s important to maintain accurate business listings across all platforms and ensure they are optimized for search engines. 

Providing user-friendly interactive tools

Modern patients expect telehealth options, chat support, and online appointment scheduling, and while they do want a phone number handy, they don’t want it to be the only option for contacting you. BoxCrush can ensure these tools integrate seamlessly with your website and provide a user-friendly experience for patients and staff alike. 

Providing a personalized experience

Today’s patient expects you to meet them wherever they are, before they ever show up for an appointment. This means curating a personalized digital experience for them from the moment they search for a provider. Plan to create targeted ad groups and landing pages to offer personalized options for contacting and scheduling.

…That’s also HIPAA-compliant

Digital experience platforms such as Sitefinity Insight make it possible to provide a personalized experience while still meeting privacy regulations. Understanding the various personas that make up your audience ensures you can provide a HIPAA-compliant, private user experience while still meeting their expectations. 

Managing your reputation and responding to feedback 

Reputation management doesn’t just mean reading what patients say about you online. It also means guiding the conversation. Because most patients only bother to leave a review when they’ve had a bad experience, it’s crucial to drive positive reviews with targeted campaigns and engage with patients in a meaningful way. This helps promote your positive experiences and improve your organization’s overall review rankings online. 

Providing user-friendly and secure online bill pay

Gone are the days when most patients would write a check, enclose it in a return service envelope, and pop it into the mailbox. Today’s patients want a convenient, secure, and effortless online payment portal that saves time and paperwork. This can be a huge labor-saving implementation for your staff as well. 

Providing transparent and easily accessible information and resources 

Enabling your patients to do online research on care providers and services offered is one of the most important facets of the modern healthcare website. When patients can read about the services provided, see the care providers’ names and photos, and understand how they’ll be receiving treatment, it helps establish trust and also eliminates the general questions your staff have to field from callers if this information isn’t easily accessible online. And when this content is search engine friendly, it will also help drive traffic to your website. 

Empowering staff to make website updates without needing IT assistance

If you’re one of the many clinics and practices that does not have a full-time IT or web development team, it’s crucial that your marketing coordinator or office staff be able to use your website efficiently and make updates in a timely manner. Today’s most powerful and user-friendly web content management system (CMS) platforms put you in the driver’s seat. 

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency with designers, developers, writers, and strategists who can create the content, execute the plan, and then hand you the controls, talk to BoxCrush. We’re an Indianapolis healthcare marketing agency with an impressive portfolio of companies just like yours that are driving targeted traffic and growing their practice as a result of our strategies. Contact us using the form below or call 317-816-9353.


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