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The Power of Marketing Tools: Sitefinity Insight

by Celeste Caraker | May 19, 2023, 13:20 PM

If you stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, then you know that one of the biggest drivers in the field is marketing data. Data-driven decision-making and analysis is the best way to craft impactful campaigns and positively link your marketing efforts with their results. Without data, we’d be driving blind and hoping we somehow got to our destination. 

You know you need marketing tools to adequately accumulate and analyze data. However, there’s a potential pitfall. You have to make sure that whatever marketing tool you choose syncs up with your CMS and other related platforms. This can create problems that may not show up at first but have devastating consequences, such as an upgrade that renders your platforms incompatible with your marketing tool or a disrupted connection. Then you may be stuck with a subscription you can’t even use or end up with a gap in your data that leaves you blind again. 

Luckily for Sitefinity users, there’s a perfect solution: Sitefinity Insight. This customer data platform integrates seamlessly with Sitefinity CMS, which means you’ll never lose your connection and every action you take can be tracked, analyzed, and repeated easily. But the possibilities don’t stop there. Read on to learn more about the in-depth features of this cutting-edge marketing tool. 

#1: Personas and Personalization

One of the best ways to create targeted marketing campaigns is to identify your user personas and personalize your content to meet their needs. If you have existing personas, then you can use Sitefinity Insight to assign specific actions to specific personas. For example, if you know one of your personas is shopping your new products because they’re all about following trends, then you’d assign a touchpoint to that persona like visiting the New Products page or reading other content related to your industry trends. If you have never before created a persona, then you’ll want to take a look at some of your marketing data first, perhaps from the customer journey mapping, to identify potential targets. Once you have personas or a specific segment of customers you want to target, then you can use Sitefinity Insight to drive them to content that matches their interests and drives them further down your sales funnel. 

#2: A/B Testing

Have you ever wondered what your users respond to most, such as which colors, branding, or CTA gets them to stay or click? This feature is ideal for testing just that. You can create multiple versions of the same content with some key differences and test to see which version gets the kind of response you want. You decide how long you want to test, and you also control what you consider a “win” on that page so it’s easy to track your data. Once you have that data at hand, you can confidently implement the page or feature that elicited the response you wanted. It’s like having the power of market testing at your fingertips. 

#3: Analytics and Reporting

Sitefinity Insight has a full suite of analytics and reporting tools. You’ll work from a dashboard that is fully customizable. You can include the touchpoints that matter to you, such as form fills, clicks, and other actionable insights you want to know about. It will even analyze how your touchpoints connect to your conversion goals so you can see clearly which touchpoints are driving your ROIs. You can also assign dollar amounts to certain touchpoints and conversions based on your internal estimates. That makes it easy to directly correlate your marketing efforts to gains made, a great way to show how your marketing efforts are impacting the business. You’ll also have access to basic user data and reporting, such as new users and heatmaps. 

#4: Customer Data and Journey Mapping

Another key feature of this marketing tool is the ability to collect and store customer data so that you gain valuable insights as they spend more time on your site. You can search through visitors by segment so you can analyze things like which users are dropping and where that’s happening so you can start making adjustments to those pages. You’ll also be able to store contact data that you collect through form fills or even through third-party systems. That way you can see how well a certain user may fit one of your personas and can then drive them to the right personalized content. Another key component to dig into is customer journey mapping. It’s an excellent way to visualize where users are going on your site and to see what may be driving them to a conversion and what may be driving them to navigate elsewhere. 

#5: Security and Compliance

Many website owners have a critical need for strong security and compliance on their website, so obviously that must also hold true for any marketing tool they choose to use. There’s no need to worry with Sitefinity Insight because they have: 

  • Data residency

  • SOC2 Compliance 

  • Azure Cloud Infrastructure

  • ISO/IEC 27018

  • GDPR Compliance

And it’s a HIPPA-certified platform. You can rest easy knowing that your visitor data is collected and stored responsibly. 

Getting Started with Sitefinity Insight

When you’re ready to harness the power of this incredible marketing tool, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all of the features or the initial setup. This doesn’t even include all of the features you can use or the premium capabilities. If you need someone to help you along the way, call on BoxCrush. As an experienced Sitefinity partner, we know Sitefinity as both a CMS and a marketing tool. 

Contact us to set up an initial meeting and discuss how we can help get you started. 

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