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3 Quick Takeaways from Progress Sitefinity’s October 2023 Roundtable

by Marie Lewis | Oct 31, 2023, 12:02 PM
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BoxCrush sent two representatives to the Progress Sitefinity October Partner Roundtable in New Orleans. The roundtable event is an opportunity to learn more about updates to the Sitefinity platform and advances in marketing and development technology. It’s also a chance for Sitefinity’s best and brightest partner agencies from across the country to get together for networking and collaboration. (There also may have been jazz and beignets). 

Our sessions were all about how we can personalize the digital experience and boost productivity while scaling our marketing efforts. We talked a lot about Generative AI, the upcoming release of Sitefinity 15, and leveraging the tools in Sitefinity Insight to provide an even more customized experience for our clients’ audiences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When you think of artificial intelligence, the ChatGPT tool might be the first thing that comes to mind (after the Terminator, of course). However, the capabilities of AI go far beyond merely generating words, and Sitefintity’s built-in AI tools offer opportunities for all-channel delivery, personalization, and journey optimization.

AI algorithms enable more personalized content delivery by combining content with visitor data from Sitefinity Insight. (Read on to learn more about Insight!)

Multi-language localization is another tool made more powerful by AI, enabling seamless integration with content using what’s called neural machine translation.

Additionally, Sitefinity continues to enhance and fine-tune the NativeChat feature, enabling more intelligent chat support that seamlessly integrates with your content. Not only can you provide a useful and personalized chat experience for your audience, but you can also drive users to your conversion goals and optimize your own workflows. 

Last, the generative AI capabilities in the upcoming release of Sitefinity 15 will enable you to compose and refine content with a click of a button right within the text editor. 

Sitefinity 15

Speaking of Sitefinity 15, it’s coming soon and versions 14.1, 14.2, and 14.3 of the Sitefinity digital experience will be retired in December. Schedule your upgrade now!

The latest release acknowledges that businesses want to leverage data as easily and flexibly as possible while still meeting their customers' needs and expectations. More than ever, we must communicate our value and connect with customers while balancing our business goals with advances in technology. 

Shifts in technology as well as customer behavior are driving content creators, marketing, and development leaders to focus on improving the efficiency of content marketing, scaling content production, and delivering targeted, personalized messaging across multiple channels. 

Sitefinity 15 enables both marketers and developers to do just that, so it’s the perfect fit for organizations that are ready to evolve their current content management platform and are considering or have already enlisted the help of a digital marketing agency to guide them. 

Learn more about Sitefinity 15

Sitefinity Insight

Combining Sitefinity CMS with Sitefinity Insight can help organizations leverage even more powerful tools for reaching their audience and personalizing the experience.

Data-driven insights like lead scoring, multi-touch attribution, and A/B testing tell you precisely how to optimize your sales funnel to drive more conversions. And if you’re in the healthcare field, you can rest assured that the platform is designed to provide one-to-one personalization while still maintaining HIPAA compliance. 

If you’re ready to graduate from your current CMS to a digital experience platform that can scale along with your business and do more of the heavy lifting for you, talk to BoxCrush. We’re an experienced Sitefinity agency with skilled .NET developers on staff ready to assist with first-time installation, upgrades, and leveraging all the tools Sitefinity offers. Schedule a meeting today

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