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Sitefinity 14.4 LTS Delivers Future-Proof Technology and Improved Tools for Engaging and Driving Conversions


How long has it been since you updated your Sitefinity website CMS? If you had to pause and think about it, odds are you haven’t installed Sitefinity 14.4 LTS

You might think your site is performing just fine - no critical errors, no crashes - but did you know that keeping your site up-to-date with the latest version of Sitefinity not only protects from common security vulnerabilities but also entitles you to the most advanced tools to engage and convert your audience? 




Ongoing Support and Site Security


Delaying your Sitefinity CMS update makes your website vulnerable to common security attacks. Sitefinity will no longer provide patches and security updates for retired versions of the platform (Sitefinity 13.2 or earlier). Known vulnerabilities for unsupported versions of Sitefinity include:


  • Cross-site scripting (XSS attacks). Malicious scripts are injected into trusted websites by way of user input fields. The script can access sensitive information retained by the user’s browser, and can even rewrite the content of HTML pages.
  • Cross-site request forgeries (CSRF). Executes unwanted actions on a web application by way of an authenticated user. The executed actions can include changes in email addresses, credentials, and even funds transfers. If the exposed user is an administrative account, CSRF can compromise the entire web application.
  • Insecure direct object reference (IDOR). While not a direct security threat itself, IDOR can reveal formatting or patterns that allow attackers to collect valid identifiers. When combined with access control vulnerabilities, IDOR can allow attackers to access sensitive information such as employee ID numbers.

Improved technology, architecture, and tools for tracking and engagement

In addition to protecting your sites from security vulnerabilities, upgrading to Sitefinity 14.4 LTS also delivers the latest tools for customizing your site, connecting with your audience, and optimizing for conversions. 


  • The “future-proof” technology in .NET 7 offers a flexible architecture allowing you to build, maintain, and evolve your sites quickly, and it integrates seamlessly with your front-end applications. 
  • Sitefinity uses machine learning to analyze the behavior patterns of your visitors to make recommendations for the next best step in the buyer’s journey. Whether your conversion goal is a purchase, an appointment scheduled, or a quote request, you’ll be able to see the best path to drive your visitors to that goal.
  • Sitefinity 14.4 LTS allows you to leverage lead scoring, A/B testing, and other insights to deliver tailored content while staying data-compliant and protecting your users’ privacy.

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