Team Leaders

The BoxCrush leadership team provides a direct connection between your organization and our staff. Our managers use their industry experience and expertise to guide the team into action and oversee your solutions.
  • dan-team-photo

    Dan Finney

    Founder and President
    Dan Finney began producing websites in 1997. He incorporated, in April of 2002, a company that grew to become BoxCrush, Inc.
  • John Goddard

    John Goddard

    Executive Vice President of Business Development
    At BoxCrush, John helps businesses and organizations of all types and sizes get the web design, content, and direction they need to get better results. His goal is to build lead generation strategies that deliver predictable, sustained growth.
  • michelle

    Michelle McNally

    Executive Vice President of Digital Marketing
    Prior to accepting her current position at BoxCrush, Michelle taught Montessori preschool and kindergarten for 13 years—so you can’t scare Michelle with a temper tantrum!
  • Jenny Henderson

    Jenny Henderson

    Content Specialist
    Jenny Henderson is naturally inquisitive, which is why she chose to pursue a career in journalism. But six years ago, as print publications seemed to be slinking off into oblivion, Jenny decided to make a career change, and she entered the field of digital marketing.
  • ellen

    Ellen Olivetti

    Content Development Strategist
    Ellen Olivetti has been writing professionally for more than 20 years in the Indianapolis area.  With a background as an English and Journalism teacher in another life, Ellen loves the challenge of creating, developing, refining, and editing copy.

BoxCrush Team

BoxCrush is made up of an elite team of experienced designers, developers, marketing analysts, and writers who share a unique, market-leading approach to solutions.  Learn more about our agency and our process and find out how outside-the-box internet strategy can build your business.







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