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Michelle McNally

Executive Vice President of Customer Success

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"Creating AdWords accounts is easy, but managing the accounts so that they perform well and offer maximum return on the clients’ investment takes time and attention to detail. I enjoy being able to deliver those results. The results of my SEO research can directly and positively affect their bottom-line profits, and that is rewarding."
Michelle McNally | Executive Vice President of Customer Success

BoxCrush creates websites, and Michelle's efforts drive visitors to them. Michelle has been ‘crushing boxes’ with us since 2010, fulfilling clients' digital marketing objectives and helping to guide BoxCrush into another decade.

In her role as a search marketing specialist, Michelle has provided a wealth of knowledge in keyword research and creating and managing Google Ads accounts for many BoxCrush clients. Having a person dedicated to monitoring and managing these accounts sets BoxCrush apart from much of its competition. Developing a strategy to enhance online presence and drive traffic has become an industry unto itself. 

In addition to guiding the SEO, website analytics, and Google Ads strategies for BoxCrush clients, Michelle oversees the internal marketing team at BoxCrush and has played a significant role in shaping the company’s strategic goals and contributing to its long-term success. 

Michelle contributes to several websites in her "off-time," including Persephone Magazine and Savvy Source. She grew up in Indiana and has a special passion for taking advantage of all of the activities and attractions Indianapolis has to offer.