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Jackie Saravia

Art Director

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“I love my career and I'm passionate about what I design and develop. My end goal is to continue to master everything this field has to offer.”

Jackie Saravia | Art Director

Jackie is an IUPUI Bachelor of Science graduate in New Media Arts and Sciences, specializing in web development and design. She’s been a graphic designer, advertising director, and media communications manager. Her expertise enables her to tackle nearly everything under the digital marketing umbrella. She excels at translating client needs into unique, intuitive content.

For BoxCrush, Jackie leads the internal design team and has an active role in design projects both large and small. She's instrumental in developing and implementing wireframes, landing pages, emails, and anything else we throw at her.

 When she’s not creating beautiful websites and graphics for BoxCrush clients, you’ll find Jackie hiking, enjoying food and music, looking at icicles while standing directly underneath them, and watching "The Office" for the 10 millionth time.