Logo Design and Branding


Brand is powerful. Your brand can tell the story of your company and set the stage for every marketing effort that follows. BoxCrush® helps build brands by creating dynamic and memorable logos.

Our Process

We start by identifying what message you want to convey, what sets you apart from your competitors, and what visual elements are most likely to appeal to your target audience. Then we create several versions of what we think best represents you, and you decide which one is best. Along with your logo, we may suggest certain color schemes, font styles, or taglines that further enhance your brand.

We design with practicality in mind. Your logo will reproduce well across all mediums. And it will be unique. 

Let BoxCrush help you make a lasting impression. Ask us about our logo design and branding services. 

  • MW Dentistry

    Logo Design, Website Design & Development
  • Simplicis Consulting

    Logo Design, Website Design & Development
  • Blue Source Logo Design

    Awn Clean Inc. was in need of a brand makeover. They were looking for a name change and a complete graphic redesign.
  • BoxCrush Logo Design

    After choosing the name BoxCrush for our agency, a daunting task in itself, it was time to design the logo. The problem that confronted us was this: anything we did to the box to crush it made it, well, no longer look like a box.
  • Cientive Group Logo Design

    The Cientive Group was searching for a new name and a new look. We consulted with them on their naming process and presented corporate color palettes for them to choose from. 
  • Harris & Ford Logo Design

    This spiraling ribbon incorporates the H and F characters of the company’s name.
  • L & H Logo Design

    This simple but classy lettermark has a rich use of color and is easily visible from a distance when used on signage.
  • LEMA Logo Design

    Leading Edge Metals and Alloys wanted to reach out to the aerospace industry by including a Stealth Bomber as part of their logo. 
  • North Grand Mall Logo Design

    After reviewing location photography, we decided to incorporate architectural elements in the logo. We used a simple but striking compass element above the name.
  • Robinson Group Logo Design

    The Robinson Group needed a new logo to spice up their tradeshow materials. This innovative use of light purple and interesting fonts helped rejuvenate their brand. 
  • TM Youth Logo Design

    This logo is illustrated by the letters T and M, forming a child at play. The color choice is fun, youthful and vibrant.
  • WebExcellence Logo Design

    The W in this logo design represents the rising graph of progress. The E adds dimensionality and character, forming a blend of angular and round elements.
  • Polaris Logo Design

    The challenge for this logo was to illustrate polarity while describing rare earth materials.
  • Clay Hall Logo Design

    After helping them with branding decisions, including their color choice and font selection, we crafted this logo to include the heart of their business—the personal interaction.
  • Start UP Logo Design

    We designed the Start UP character for an Indianapolis manufacturing company to be used as a graphical spokesperson for the company.