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Clay Hall

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Clay Hall


BoxCrush crafted this logo to convey the heart of the business - the personal interaction - with two individuals shaking hands at the center of the logo.

Quick Facts

  • Designed a new logo
  • Established brand font and color palette
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  • Logo Design


Clay Hall Business Center offers a convenient and cost-saving collaborative workspace. The organization’s leaders asked BoxCrush to design a logo to help promote this unique, industrious professional center designed for companies and individuals to network and connect with new clients and partners. 


Clay Hall needed help conceiving a brand identity and logo. BoxCrush collaborated with this fledgling organization to assist with an array of branding decisions, including a color palette and font selection that would help convey its mission and vision. 


Green is a color widely associated with the concepts of growth and financial stability. Placed in sharp contrast with the color black, which evokes a sense of strength and durability, this logo came together to convey confidence, vitality, and partnership.