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Strategic Website Management

professional website design isn’t just pretty colors and appealing graphics. An effective website design is a strategic step in reaching your customers. As an experienced Sitefinity agency, BoxCrush creates customized, integrated website design that works across platforms, maximizing your impact online.


Web Strategy

Our Sitefinity developers and designers aren’t interested in using technology for technology’s sake or recommending the same solution for every business. We take the time to understand your business, your culture, your market, and your goals, and then build a comprehensive web strategy designed to reflect your values in every aspect of your online presence.


Website Development

Over time, we’ve come to regard Sitefinity as the best and most flexible content management system available. Our experienced Sitefinity developers customize themes, templates, and tools to integrate unique and cutting-edge design with exceptional functionality across platforms. The BoxCrush team creates customized Sitefinity sites that set our clients apart from their competitors.

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  • Sacramento Web Design

    Sacramento is one of Red Gold’s premium lines. It focuses solely on tomato juice products, including tomato juice, vegetable juice, and Bloody Mary mix. Sacramento juices are a healthy source of Vitamins A and C and important antioxidants such as lycopene.

  • Tuttorosso Web Design

    One of the major brands in the Red Gold family of products, Tuttorosso is the number one most popular brand of tomato products in NY, where Italian cooking is a specialty.
  • RedPack

    Redpack produces more than 100 different styles and flavors of tomato products in 20 different sizes and containers. Redpack is one of Red Gold’s premium quality brands.
  • Mi-Tech Metals Web Design

    The web design for Mi-Tech Metals incorporates curves, reflections, and drop shadows as major design elements. The Flash slideshow in the header gives potential customers a glimpse of the many complex aspects of taking their product from raw powder form into the furnace and on to a machined and finished product. 
  • Polaris Website Design

    How do you illustrate polarity (the client’s name) and invoke the concept of rare earth materials in a professional web design? Our answer shows the earth emitting energy and dresses the entire brand in earth tones. 
  • Manar Web Design

    We identified four major service interests common to Manar’s various target audiences: development and design, custom molding, secondary services and contract manufacturing. 
  • Kiwanis.Org Website Design

    This professional web design had to incorporate elements from an existing standards manual, such as logo size and placement, brand color palette and the white horizontal bar.
  • Builders Club Website Design

    This fun, energetic website design caters to middle-school aged children. The design presents a lot of information while maintaining a sense of whimsy and a bold use of color.
  • LEMA Website Design

    We fully customized this website design for Leading Edge Metals & Alloys, including a custom logo, FLASH and a custom-developed PDF request form that sends PDFs only when the user has supplied a working email address.
  • Kadet Product Website Design

    Kadet came to us with some existing photographs that they wanted included in the design. We retouched the photographs, lightening over-exposed and dark images, removing backgrounds from trucks shot in a parking lot, and worked them into a clean, sophisticated web site design. 
  • FVL Magazine Website

    Fountain Valley Living is a community magazine targeting its local community in California. This web site, built with a content management system, had to allow the client to update news as it happened and to correlate online articles with the print magazine versions. 
  • Hanger 3 eCommerce Design

    When we first saw the product, vintage subway tokens repurposed into necklaces, we knew we needed to highlight the uniqueness of this Indianapolis company by fully customizing the design of this Magento eCommerce shopping cart. When your business model is turning trash into treasure, your website design cannot be sleek and minimal.
  • DCL Website Design

    Because this website needed to cater to three audiences, the client wanted to include a sitemap right on the opening page to direct that traffic.
  • She Lettered eCommerce Design

    She Lettered came to us looking for an edgy high-end athletic design. Photography was produced with dark backgrounds, serious attitude, and flair in sports attire.
  • Red Gold Sitefinity Design

    Red Gold contacted BoxCrush to redesign their entire site, adding a fresh design perspective as well as updated technology and enhanced functionality. This site was designed using the Sitefinity Content Management System, which provided features such as blogs, news, image management, documents and forms, and videos.
  • General Motors Component Holdings

    Four websites in one—that was the website design requirement for GM Component Holdings, LLC, which includes three unique but synergistic business units within its Kokomo Manufacturing facilities.
  • Worldwide Service Custom Module

    This worldwide discussion module is custom-developed for Sitefinity. It allows you to vote for your favorite of three service projects. Your vote will be tallied into a graphical poll results counter.
  • Start UP Logo Design

    We designed the Start UP character for an Indianapolis manufacturing company to be used as a graphical spokesperson for the company.
  • Genuity Website Development

    BoxCrush, a Sitefinity Platinum Partner, collaborated with Momentum Worldwide, the global marketing agency working with Monsanto. The timeline on the project was tight, the website was large, and a lot of development customization was needed.
  • Kiwanis International Website Development

    This custom website development involved writing over 1,500 lines of CSS code by hand (just for the main site design). Deep integration with the Sitefinity content management tool allows a flexible layout and design for each page.
  • Kiwanis Store Web Design

    We chose an established platform that was VISA PABP Certified and designed a look flexible enough to work for seven different color schemes and not steal attention from the products. 
  • Kiwanis Club Locator Development

    The Kiwanis Club Locator was an interesting technological challenge. Built in ASP.NET, SQL Server and Sitefinity CMS, this tool allowed users to find their local club in one of 80 nations, including foreign zip codes and some countries too small to have zip codes.
  • TPP Ecommerce Design

    The Precious Puppy is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, where they operate a chain of local pet stores. This elegant design was aimed at classy upperclass women.
  • Key Club Website Development

    This design was brought to us by the client in the form of layered Photoshop files. Our task was to produce a finished website utilizing the Sitefinity content management system.
  • SM Leadership Web Development

    The SM Leadership project was brought to us by an agency that specializes in print design only. We were given layered Photoshop files that contained the finished design.
  • Clay Hall Logo Design

    After helping them with branding decisions, including their color choice and font selection, we crafted this logo to include the heart of their business—the personal interaction.
  • Polaris Logo Design

    The challenge for this logo was to illustrate polarity while describing rare earth materials.
  • WebExcellence Logo Design

    The W in this logo design represents the rising graph of progress. The E adds dimensionality and character, forming a blend of angular and round elements.
  • TM Youth Logo Design

    This logo is illustrated by the letters T and M, forming a child at play. The color choice is fun, youthful and vibrant.
  • Robinson Group Logo Design

    The Robinson Group needed a new logo to spice up their tradeshow materials. This innovative use of light purple and interesting fonts helped rejuvenate their brand. 
  • North Grand Mall Logo Design

    After reviewing location photography, we decided to incorporate architectural elements in the logo. We used a simple but striking compass element above the name.
  • LEMA Logo Design

    Leading Edge Metals and Alloys wanted to reach out to the aerospace industry by including a Stealth Bomber as part of their logo. 
  • L & H Logo Design

    This simple but classy lettermark has a rich use of color and is easily visible from a distance when used on signage.
  • Harris & Ford Logo Design

    This spiraling ribbon incorporates the H and F characters of the company’s name.
  • Cientive Group Logo Design

    The Cientive Group was searching for a new name and a new look. We consulted with them on their naming process and presented corporate color palettes for them to choose from. 
  • BoxCrush Logo Design

    After choosing the name BoxCrush for our agency, a daunting task in itself, it was time to design the logo. The problem that confronted us was this: anything we did to the box to crush it made it, well, no longer look like a box.
  • Blue Source Logo Design

    Awn Clean Inc. was in need of a brand makeover. They were looking for a name change and a complete graphic redesign.
  • Polaris Branding Campaign

    The Polaris brand development includes custom logo design, a 4-page oversized brochure with a pocket, two-sided four-color business cards, and a custom gate-fold mailer that matches the Polaris website design and tradeshow displays. 
  • Glendale Mall Letterhead/Business Card

    This simple, retro look works with Glendale’s classic late-1950s’ style of architecture.
  • Harris & Ford Collateral Design

    The visual presentation of your brand should be consistent in every communication you send.
  • Kiwanis Catalog Design 2010

    Each year we provide the cover design, page layout, custom product photography, and direction on model photography for this project. 
  • Kiwanis Catalog Design 2004-05

    BoxCrush has been honored to work with Kiwanis since 2004 to produce this 72-page catalog design.
  • Kiwanis Catalog Design 2005-2006

    Each year, as the Kiwanis brand evolves, the catalog is redesigned. 
  • Spill 911 Catalog Design

    Spill 911 has thousands of diverse products for industrial spill response. The target audience responds very favorably to print catalogs and direct mail.
  • Anthenaeum Brochure Design

    The Athenaeum, a nationally recognized Indianapolis historic landmark, contacted us to promote one of their special events. The goal was to create an informative direct mail piece to serve as an invitation to the event.
  • Mi-Tech Sell Sheets

    We designed these two-sided sell sheets, or industry white papers, to fit comfortably inside the Mi-Tech Metals pocket-fold brochure. 
  • Glendale Mall Postcard Design

    This direct mail campaign was a great way for Glendale Mall to remind shoppers to come in for a Santa photo.
  • KiwanisOne Flyer Design

    This two-sided sell sheet was designed to be handed out at trade shows and events. The photography was selected to relate to the target audience. 
  • Iowa Produces Brochure Design

    This custom pocket folder is designed to do one thing: Let the audience know that Iowa is big on corn! This folder is part of a media kit that covers regional information designed to attract businesses to the area. 
  • Santa Post Card Design

    A burst of red arrives in your mailbox, and the offer and value are clear. When designing a postcard, always imagine someone opening their mail over a trash can.
  • Generation K Catalog Design

    The goal of this 44-page catalog was to target a youth demographic. Each section is organized by age range and separated by design color choice throughout the catalog.
  • LEMA Brochure Design

    These attractive brochures were designed to match the rest of the LEMA brand.
  • Greenbriar Mall Postcard Design

    Sometimes the best design allows the product photography to speak for itself.
  • Mikasa Direct Mail Design

    This postcard design advertised a Mikasa bowl give-away. “Bring your card in, make a purchase, and receive an exclusive item”—a fantastic way to remind people to make a trip into your retail environment.
  • One Project Brochure Design

    This clean and contemporary brochure design illustrates a single photography project for our client, Abstract Photography.
  • She Lettered Brochure Design

    She Lettered was interested in direct mail marketing materials to advertise the launch of their eCommerce website design to a small targeted list.
  • Lite Brochure Design

    The Lite brochure was designed to be a standalone oversized trifold marketing piece, as well as an insert into a pocketed presentation folder.
  • Mi-Tech Brochure Design

    Continuing the Mi-Tech brand from web to print included creating a brochure that matched the website perfectly, bringing the curves, reflections and bold color use into the printed piece.
  • Hancock Hospital Web Design

    We worked with Hancock to update and refresh their Sitefinity websites, and we created three distinctive but cohesive designs for their organizations.
  • USRowing Sitefinity Design

    Users need a seamless experience, regardless of the device they are using. USRowing was ready for a website redesign and major Sitefinity upgrade. They trusted BoxCrush to deliver based on a working relationship of more than five years together.

  • Dandelion Wishes Ecommerce Design

    Custom .NET nopCommerce Ecommerce Design. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Ecommerce online store. The website features a custom database integration with 3rd party ERP POS system.
  • Sitefinity Custom Parts Builder

    Airborn, Inc, supplier of custom electrical components, contacted BoxCrush to pick up where their previous agency had left off. The two areas of their website that needed immediate, and ongoing attention are the Airborn Parts Builder and the Airborn Supplier Portal. For the Part Builder, BoxCrush debugged the original implementation, and continued to optimize the Airborn site.

  • Sitefinity 3rd-Party Single Sign-On Integration

    When Delta Sigma Pi had BoxCrush build their new site in Sitefinity, one of the major requirements was to integrate their Patriot database used for membership profiles and information. BoxCrush was able to deliver a seamless integration.

  • Sitefinity Custom Patient Scheduler

    The Healthworks Patient Scheduler is a custom Sitefinity integration designed to allow employees of partnered companies to manage their health appointments online at 3 different Healthworks Clinics. This HIPAA compliant, fully responsive solution is a scheduler that permits employees to schedule, view and cancel appointments and request prescription refills.

  • INS 3

    As a solution provider to some of the top businesses in the world, Industrial Network Systems needed a website solution of their own.

    INS contacted BoxCrush looking for an enterprise-level content management system, as they had outgrown their current CMS. Sitefinity proved to be the solution they needed.

  • Cardno Native Nursery

    The Cardno Native Plant Nursery in Walkerton, Indiana has been a client for many years. They are located in north-central Indiana and supply native plants for environmental engineering projects throughout the Midwest.

  • Parkview eCommerce and Events Integration

    Parkview Foundations’ web site needed upgrading and expanding, and BoxCrush was up to the task. The Sitefinity site was upgraded and updated in a number of ways. This philanthropic foundation needed to integrate the Sitefinity events module and eCommerce module, so that participants could register online and pay for an event. They also needed a way for their Sitefinity eCommerce module to include a Donations section.