Salesforce Strategy

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a suite of marketing automation features that help companies connect with consumers. The software has two limitations, however: It can’t write your content or tell you what your campaign goals should be. BoxCrush can fill those gaps.

We’ll help map out your campaign, create your content, and help you improve it over time. Before we do any of that, we’ll establish specific goals, so you can measure the results of our strategy.

How We Identify Goals

In our initial meeting with you, we’ll ask about your current customer lifecycle and any “pain points” you’re experiencing. Business leaders sometimes identify their main pain point as needing to boost sales, but the underlying problem may be a lack of marketing strategy. We’ll look for opportunities to strengthen your strategy and develop a campaign with a measurable objective.

Defining the Steps of a ‘Drip’ Campaign

Salesforce allows you to set up a drip campaign (a series of emails based on user behavior). BoxCrush thinks of drip campaigns as creating a virtual pathway between consumer awareness and conversion. We know two users may follow entirely different paths, so we create content based on “If this, then that” (IFTT) scenarios – your target audience always sees the content most relevant to their journey.

The foundation of any effective drip campaign is content that people want to read. For a business-to-business (B2B) audience, that content could be a downloadable white paper (with a field for capturing the user’s email address). For a business-to-consumer audience, the content might be a “How-to” guide on a specific landing page.

Once Salesforce tells you who’s looking at your content, your drip campaign emails begin. You’ll be able to see who’s reading your marketing emails, and the action they’re taking. Using the content BoxCrush created, Salesforce then sends messages that are based on specific actions (such as clicking a link or forwarding an email).

Put Your Plan Into Action

Ready to get results with your Salesforce marketing automation tools? Let’s talk about strategy.