Sitefinity E-Commerce Development

The Sitefinity E-commerce module makes it easy for you to manage the shopping experience from a single platform.  This eliminates the need to bandage together two systems to build one website. A single fully integrated system for CMS and ecommerce allows you to sell items right next to blog posts, content pages, or event news and event pages.

At BoxCrush®, we’re experts on e-commerce development. We’ve developed scores of websites with both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce websites—and our e-commerce web design gets results.  We can help you build effective ecommerce design visuals and written calls to action that effectively drive the point of sale.

Not only does BoxCrush build e-commerce websites, we customize features to give your e-commerce web design a unique look and feel that conveys your message distinctively. 

Sitefinity E-commerce Website Integration

We can integrate with your ERP system and import your existing product data.   No matter how complex your e-commerce website, BoxCrush keeps it functioning smoothly with your current inventory and order system.

Sitefinity E-commerce Development

BoxCrush can provide professional copywriting for product descriptions, including search-engine optimized content to build your customer base and boost market share. Already have great product descriptions or want to write your own? We teach you how to leverage your new e-commerce website to insert product listings yourself.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, BoxCrush e-commerce development provides an e-commerce website that meets your needs, complies with Visa best-practice guidelines, and makes it easy for customers to purchase from your site. E-commerce is big business. BoxCrush® helps you get your share!

  • Parkview eCommerce and Events Integration

    Parkview Foundations’ web site needed upgrading and expanding, and BoxCrush was up to the task. The Sitefinity site was upgraded and updated in a number of ways. This philanthropic foundation needed to integrate the Sitefinity events module and eCommerce module, so that participants could register online and pay for an event. They also needed a way for their Sitefinity eCommerce module to include a Donations section.

  • Dandelion Wishes Ecommerce Design

    Custom .NET nopCommerce Ecommerce Design. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Ecommerce online store. The website features a custom database integration with 3rd party ERP POS system.
  • Kiwanis Store Web Design

    We chose an established platform that was VISA PABP Certified and designed a look flexible enough to work for seven different color schemes and not steal attention from the products. 
  • TPP Ecommerce Design

    The Precious Puppy is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, where they operate a chain of local pet stores. This elegant design was aimed at classy upperclass women.
  • She Lettered eCommerce Design

    She Lettered came to us looking for an edgy high-end athletic design. Photography was produced with dark backgrounds, serious attitude, and flair in sports attire.
  • Hanger 3 eCommerce Design

    When we first saw the product, vintage subway tokens repurposed into necklaces, we knew we needed to highlight the uniqueness of this Indianapolis company by fully customizing the design of this Magento eCommerce shopping cart. When your business model is turning trash into treasure, your website design cannot be sleek and minimal.
  • Mi-Tech Metals Web Design

    The web design for Mi-Tech Metals incorporates curves, reflections, and drop shadows as major design elements. The Flash slideshow in the header gives potential customers a glimpse of the many complex aspects of taking their product from raw powder form into the furnace and on to a machined and finished product.