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Case Studies: How to Repurpose Pieces for Standalone Content

by Michelle McNally | Jul 7, 2020, 13:00 PM
How to repurpose pieces for standalone content

(This post is the fifth in a six-part series about repurposing content. Today, we’ll look at how elements of a case study can become new content).

Creating engaging content is an ongoing process. Even if your core offering doesn’t change much, the way readers consume information is always evolving, and it’s important for your brand to serve content in the format readers prefer. If your readers include decision-makers and business owners, a case study is a great way to demonstrate the value of your product or service.

What a Case Study Entails

A case study is a way to showcase the work you do and its results. Creating that first case study may be challenging, but once you have a process in place, you can produce case studies more quickly.

At BoxCrush, we have some go-to documents and tools that we use anytime we create a client case study. With some introductory text or engaging images, some of those resources can be easily turned into individual pieces of content.  

Time Management Tools

Do you have a calendar system that works for your business? A way of scheduling recurring tasks or meetings that makes your team more efficient? This kind of content lends itself to sharing, especially at the beginning of a new year or quarter. Illustrating how your team sets and meets deadlines may help drive your potential customers toward conversion.


During our onboarding process, we ask clients a series of questions on a Google form. It lets us know their priorities in five minutes or less. As we develop a marketing plan for them, this easy to refer to document guides the way. What kind of forms or surveys do you use internally to quickly bring team members up to speed? Chances are your customers, clients or peers might find those interesting and useful. Find the link to this survey at the end of this post. 


Chances are your business uses several templates on a daily basis to keep things running. Share the templates you find most useful and how your business uses them. Brand enthusiasts are usually happy to share tools they themselves find useful. BoxCrush recently shared a review card template on this blog post about customer testimonials.


We like to include infographics in case studies because it breaks up text and can illustrate the point we are trying to make. If you use infographics in your case studies or white papers, would it work as a piece of stand-alone content? People tend to respond well to infographics on social media. Infographics can also be used as a starting point for a shorter blog post about a particular section of an already written case study.  

BoxCrush InfoGraphic - June 2020

Infographics, like this one BoxCrush made for a client case study, help readers see results without reading much text. This image shows that after partnering with BoxCrush, the client's Google Ads got more clicks and more conversions, at a lower cost-per-conversion.

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