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BoxCrush was contacted by GM Component Holdings to develop a website that would serve as an overview of the company’s capabilities, as well as highlight each division.


GM Component Holdings' Kokomo Operations (formerly Delphi Electronics and Safety) is located in Kokomo, Indiana. GM Component Holdings, LLC includes four of Delphi’s former U.S.-based component manufacturing facilities, including the facility in Kokomo.

GM Component Holdings, LLC is comprised of three business units: the Semiconductor business, the Thick Film Printing business, and the Electronics Assembly business. The facility formerly made circuit boards and automotive-grade electronic components. The large facility in Kokomo has expanded capacity. It is currently looking to increase its customer base to match existing resources.


The company is comprised of three different teams, representing the three separate business units: Semiconductor, Thick Film Printing, and Electronics Assembly. The three business units, though separate, have one sales team. The website needed to encompass four sites in one (one for each business unit and one for the overall site). Each team needed separate login access to be able make updates and changes to their own business unit website. And each business unit needed a website with separate navigation. Yet the site as a whole had to present a uniform appearance and tone throughout. Since this was a completely new website, it had to be built from the ground up. The client’s requirements included:

  • Website information for parent company
  • Information and access for each of the three main business units
  • Limited access points for people responsible for different areas of the site
  • Custom rotator for the home page for content and graphics
  • SEO-friendly design and copy
  • Separate navigation for each division
  • Site search for each division


BoxCrush designed, built and implemented the website: The website was built with WordPress Multisite, a new feature that allows a network of websites to be created with a single install of WordPress. BoxCrush updates and maintains the website, but the client also has access to the content management system to affect changes and add graphics when needed. The new GM Component Holdings website features many customized solutions, including:

  • A website section for each of the business units: Semiconductor, Thick Film Printing, and Electronics Assembly.
  • Four websites in one: one for each business unit and one for the parent company information
  • Separate segmented access to approved personnel for each of the four website sections, as well as access for the parent company personnel.
  • Site search, customized for each business unit
  • Home page custom rotator for graphics and content

Since the website’s implementation, GM Component Holdings has been able to use the site as a marketing and sales tool—to increase awareness of its wide range of capabilities and increase its customer base.


"BoxCrush made it a point to understand and learn as much as they could about our business and what our goals were as an manufacturing site before the project of designing our website began. They were able to successfully tie all three of our business units together in a creative and professional manner. The overall look of the site and the ease of navigation has given our team of over one thousand employees a site that they are proud to share with family members, friends and potential customers. We are very pleased with the work that BoxCrush provided to our team and their responsiveness to our questions and requests throughout the design process."

- Greg Bozarth | Business Development Manager Kokomo Semiconductors of GM Components Holdings, LLC