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Simplicis Case Study WordPress Development and Logo Design

Simplicis, an Indianapolis company that improves workflows for pre-clinical research laboratories, came to BoxCrush in 2018 with the following requests: 

  • New logos – one for the company, and one for Ledger, its laboratory information management system (LIMS)
  • A website – Simplicis leadership knew that if they wanted to expand beyond Indiana, they would need an online presence
  • Content – aside from a one-sheet description of their product and services, Simplicis had no content for potential clients to read

BoxCrush was excited to help this innovative company establish its brand and online presence. 

Defining the Client’s Goals

Building a website requires more than technical expertise – it requires a thorough understanding of the client’s goals, aesthetics, and audience. So the BoxCrush team began the Simplicis project by sitting down with senior management to learn more about their company. 

BoxCrush learned that it had something in common with Simplicis: Both companies strived for long-term client partnerships, not one-time solutions. Simplicis leadership wanted its website to emphasize the importance of ongoing partnerships and to:

  • Differentiate its services (integration and support) from its product
  • Target four verticals (biopharma, pharma, biobanks, and agrisciences)
  • Explain Ledger’s product features in everyday language

Simplicis asked that its new logo design borrow elements from its existing logo – leadership did not want to wipe-out any brand recognition it may have established. With a fresh understanding of the client’s goals, BoxCrush began developing a plan.

Creating the Content Plan

BoxCrush’s content development team researched each of the client’s target verticals to determine which keywords would be most relevant to those audiences. Then the team looked at how to connect those keywords to specific Simplicis services and/or software capabilities. By putting each item into a spreadsheet, the content plan began to take shape. 



Creating the Design

BoxCrush’s design team incorporated one of the client’s previous logo colors in the new Simplicis logo.

Old logo:

New logo: 

For Ledger, the design team chose complementary colors:

These colors served as the foundation for the new site design – and the blue triangles can be used independently of the text to highlight certain services. 


Establishing the Site Structure

The content team worked with BoxCrush’s UX designer to determine the most logical structure for the content and came up with this structure: 



The structure helps visitors find the information they need, whether they initially land on a product detail page or the homepage. 

Key Takeaways

In the process of laying out a content plan and site structure, BoxCrush helped Simplicis redefine how it showcases its product and services. Visitors can understand the distinction between each offering and zero-in on the features that matter most to them. 

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