Web Strategy

What are your goals for your business presence online? How can the internet help your company reach more customers and improve your bottom line? BoxCrush takes a strategic approach to creating innovative, customized websites for truly effective results.

Content and Functionality Audit

First, we do a comprehensive audit of your current site—what information do you have, and how does it work? How effective is your current communication and how functional are your tools? Then, we take the time to carefully consider your business process, your goals, and your audience. Comparing the two, we map the gap between your current state and where you want to be with your online presence.

Strategy Development

Based on the audit, we develop a complete web strategy for your business. Creating a workable plan to achieve targeted, effective design, content, and functionality across your customized website, e-commerce, mobile apps, and digital marketing, your unique web strategy is a roadmap for continual improvement to ensure maximum impact online.

Strategic Migration

If you bulldoze your existing site and put another one in its place, you lose all of your site’s hard-won historic page value. Rather than sabotaging your existing SEO, BoxCrush strategically migrates old pages and documents to new locations with one-to-one 301 redirects so you build on and improve your current SEO foundation rather than obliterating it.

Custom Development

We handle the planning, content creation, wireframing, and custom development phases of your web strategy so you get a complete, well thought out customized website that actually does what you need it to do.

BoxCrush’s approach to web strategy ensures targeted, effective customized websites.