Web Strategy


Your website can help build your brand, expand your audience, and close more sales – but only if it's supported by strategy.

BoxCrush develops and designs websites with specific goals in mind. We ask you what you want your website to do for you, then we implement a strategy that gets results.

Strategic Migration

If you bulldoze your existing site and put another one in its place, you lose all of your site’s hard-won historic page value and search engine relevance. BoxCrush strategically migrates old pages and documents to new locations with one-to-one 301 redirects, so you build on and improve your current foundation, rather than obliterate it.

Our Process

We'll look at your existing website to evaluate its content and overall functionality. In developing a plan for your new site, we'll take a look at what your competitors are doing and how their online presence stacks up against yours. Then we'll offer our recommendations for your new site.

Customized Design

We don't just tell you what features you need – we explain why you need them. We present a workable plan that outlines design, content, custom features, and functionality. We also explain how we can use digital marketing tactics to elevate awareness of your new website. 

We handle the planning, content creation, wire-framing, and custom development phases of your web strategy. And we roll-out new features as they're ready – if your top-level webpages are finished, we can launch your site, so you can earn digital clout while your other website features are still in development. 

BoxCrush creates innovative, strategy-driven websites that get results. Ask us what we can do for your online presence.