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Michelle McNally

Executive Vice President of Digital Marketing

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"Creating AdWords accounts is easy, but managing the accounts so that they perform well and offer maximum return on the clients’ investment takes time and attention to detail. I enjoy being able to deliver those results. The results of my SEO research can directly and positively affect their bottom-line profits, and that is rewarding."
Michelle McNally | Executive Vice President of Digital Marketing

Prior to accepting her current position at BoxCrush, Michelle taught Montessori preschool and kindergarten for 13 years – so you can’t scare Michelle with a temper tantrum! Six years ago, she began to explore that strange world known as social media. She began writing a personal blog, and when Twitter and Facebook came along, she jumped in. Her social media activities began to take off – she was invited to consult with Hallmark's Moms' E-vents, flying to Hallmark's headquarters in Kansas City in 2009. She was a founder of Grown in My Heart, a communal blog, and was sought out by Savvy Source to be their Indianapolis City Guide editor and an ongoing contributing writer. When she decided it was time for a career change, Michelle became educated as a Search Marketing Specialist.  It’s an entirely different field from teaching, but one which she enjoys and finds very rewarding.

Currently, Michelle conducts keyword research for a variety of client purposes, and she creates and manages Google AdWords accounts for many BoxCrush clients. Having a person dedicated to monitoring and managing these accounts sets BoxCrush apart from much of its competition. Developing a strategy to enhance clients’ online presence and drive potential clients to their websites has become an industry unto itself. 

In addition to her search marketing role, Michelle conducts social media campaigns for clients. Michelle likens the social media world to the Wild West – people are trying all sorts of things to corral and take advantage of the options. From experience, she knows how to pinpoint the best options, lasso them, and tame them to benefit each client. 

At BoxCrush, we create websites, and then Michelle's efforts let the world know those websites exist and drive visitors to them. It’s modern marketing at its best. Michelle wears several hats and contributes to several websites in her "off-time," including Persephone Magazine and Savvy Source. She grew up in Indiana and has a special passion for taking advantage of all of the activities and attractions Indianapolis has to offer.