NopCommerce eCommerce Solutions

Looking for a secure, scalable online shopping platform? BoxCrush can help you determine whether nopCommerce is the solution you need. Globally, nopCommerce powers more than 35,000 stores for businesses of all sizes, and its free, open-source software is compatible with most website environments.

NopCommerce works with popular payment systems, such as PayPal, eChecks, and Authorize.NET. It also includes order fulfillment features, such as automated shipment notifications for customers and administrators. BoxCrush is a certified nopCommerce partner. We can create your eCommerce site, and you can manage it through nopCommerce’s easy-to-use administration panel.

Customizable Features

NopCommerce user interface is simple and logical, minimizing the risk of shopping cart abandonment. BoxCrush can customize your nopCommerce site to be fully responsive, for optimum display and interactivity on any device, screen, or operating system.

In the nopCommerce backend, you can track your inventory, see which products are most popular, and manage all store locations from a single administration panel.

Secure Shopping

NopCommerce software is compliant with the latest industry standards for security, such as a password field that locks out users on the third failed login attempt.

Online security also depends on the security of your hosting service. BoxCrush offers secure hosting and 24-hour emergency support.

Capturing Valuable Information

When you have an online store, you’re collecting customer contact information and learning about customer preferences with every purchase. You can customize online order forms to include the specific fields you prefer.

The information you collect helps you track when customers return to your site and the products they’re looking at, regardless of whether they make a purchase. You can also build an opt-in list of email addresses and send special offers to recipients.

As a full-service digital marketing and web development agency, BoxCrush can build your eCommerce site, manage your email lists, and create your content. Ask us how we can boost your online presence.