Design and Graphics Services

Social media is where many people first encounter a brand, company, or product. In an instant, consumers may make a judgment about a business, based on how it presents itself on social media. A consistent style and look makes a good first impression.

BoxCrush can design your social media headers, create posts that include images and graphics, and design your social media ads. If you don’t have an official brand color scheme or logo, we offer logo and branding services, too.

The Appeal of Graphics

People react more strongly to images than words, and they are more likely to remember images, because of the picture superiority effect – the way in which people prioritize images as they process and recall information. So on social media, where many other companies and users and competing for attention, a post or ad that includes graphics is a way to stand out and be remembered.

Graphics can be flexible, too. For example, BoxCrush can design an illustrated post for Facebook, and make minor adjustments so that it can also be included in an email newsletter. We don’t believe in “reinventing the wheel” – we always design with flexibility in mind, so we can reuse and repurpose elements to reduce your overall project costs.

Ad Design

A good (and memorable) social media ad should tie-in with your other collaterals, such as website banners and brand colors. BoxCrush can design your ads, and if you choose our social media advertising services and pay-per-click ad services, we can manage your ad campaigns on social media and on search engine results pages.  

Enhancing Your Online Presence

Imagery creates a richer experience for people who interact with your brand online. BoxCrush can help you make a lasting impression with your audience.