Facebook algorithms change frequently, and a recent update now shows users less content in their News Feeds from businesses. Even people who are loyal brand followers may miss the posts you’re hoping they’ll see.

Boosting a post on Facebook is one of the simplest ways to expand the reach of an existing post. BoxCrush can manage this process for you, choosing appropriate posts to boost, and helping you determine how much budget to devote to this tactic.

Boosting vs. Ads

A boosted post is not the same as a targeted Facebook ad. These are the key differences:


Boosted posts show up in the main content area, along with all the posts users see from their friends and family. Boosting aims to broaden your reach and increase website visits and engagement with a broad audience.  


Ads are displayed in Facebook’s right-hand column, but only for a specific audience or audiences. With ads, BoxCrush creates a landing page on your website that your ad links to. By analyzing ad click-through rates, we can track several metrics, such as conversion rates and the types of content that are most effective in connecting you with a specific audience.

Custom Solutions

Depending on your goals, BoxCrush may recommend a variety of approaches – boosted posts, Facebook ads, Google Ads, and email marketing can all work together to produce results.