Social Media Management

Social Media—it’s a great avenue to get the word out about your company. People share things they like on the Web—video clips, images, ads, messages. You can post content to several sites and watch the interconnectivity of the Web work for you.

Social marketing is a very exciting way to increase awareness of your business, but the ROI needs to be effectively managed. If you believe in going to Chamber meetings, think of this as the online and on-steroids answer to networking.

Depending on the focus of your business, you may find Linked-In profiles for your sales reps or Twitter accounts for your volunteers to be an effective way to increase contacts. Show your workforce in action on YouTube, or publish live photos at a convention through a Flickr feed connected to the camera in your cell phone.

Cast your net as widely as possible. BoxCrush® can help you get started. We’ll show you how to integrate viral marketing with your other marketing efforts to form one cohesive strategy.

BoxCrush Social Media Management

  • Social Media Strategy Plan and Development
  • Social Media Goal Development
  • Create decided-upon social media platform accounts and integrate with existing website
  • Post Social Media/contact information in appropriate places
  • Develop Social Networking content publishing strategy and schedule
  • Proposed specific actions to take on Social Media Platforms
  • Cross-post important information (event dates, available bookings, etc)