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Google AdWords Management PartnerGoogle AdWords is the largest Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising platform on the internet, garnering 75% of the market share for PPC management campaigns. BoxCrush is a Google Certified Partner, which means that we are an AdWords management company that has professionals on staff who’ve been educated in everything AdWords and passed qualified tests.

AdWords campaign management is a lot more than placing an ad on a page. From the initial assessment through ongoing management, we develop an AdWords strategy specifically designed for your company. We identify keywords and phrases relevant to your target market. When an Internet user searches for your keywords on Google, your sponsored ad is displayed. You pay only when a user clicks on your link and goes to your website.

Your AdWords PPC campaign will include:

Initial Assessment: Our Google AdWords certified professional meets with you to learn about your business and develop your PPC campaign goals. We help you develop your target market, key demographics, and your primary geographic area.

Google AdWords Account Setup: We setup your AdWords management account, but you remain in control of your account information and method of payment.

Keyword research: Knowing what keyword phrases to target is key in creating an effective campaign. Analyzing potential terms for competitiveness and cost gets your campaign off to a good start. We research both positive and negative keywords. Negative keywords prevent your ads from showing to the wrong people. Our AdWords professionals monitor keyword quality score, market share and more for this very important aspect of campaign building.

Ad Development: We develop ads that target your market, include your demographics and are optimized for your keywords. Each ad is linked to a specific landing page to your website, so when a potential customer clicks, he goes right to the page pertaining to your ad.


Ongoing PPC Management Services: Ongoing AdWords management is important to keep your PPC account optimized. Our services include monitoring of campaign performance, including tracking impressions, clicks, and click-through-rate to maximize your monthly budget. We also closely monitor search queries, the phrases typed into the search box which trigger your ad. Knowing what people are searching for helps to generate better keyword lists AND negative keywords.

Monthly AdWords Reports: Each month, you receive an overview of your AdWords account performance.

Quarterly AdWords Reports: Strategically analyzing your AdWords account is critical to the profitability of your AdWords campaigns. At the end of every quarter, you receive a personalized report and in-depth analysis of your campaign. These reports show how individual keywords are performing, budgets are being managed, and detail your ROI. Geographic reporting can be tailored to multiple locations. We always include our goals for your account for the upcoming month, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Google AdWords is the perfect platform for effectively targeting and retargeting your potential customers. It’s strategic, cost effective, and the ROI can be significant.

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