Bing and Yahoo PPC Management

Bing Ads is the service that places ads on both the Yahoo and Bing search engines, search partners, and display networks. Bing Ads has nearly 25 percent of the pay-per-click (PPC) market share, second only to Google AdWords. Even though it’s a smaller market share, we have found Bing/Yahoo pay-per-click ads to be highly effective for our clients. In our experience, Bing/Yahoo search engine users tend to click more often on ads and stay longer on landing pages.

BoxCrush can oversee your entire Bing/Yahoo pay-per-click ads campaign, from the initial assessment through ongoing management. We create a strategy with initiatives that meet and exceed your business goals.

Your campaign will include:

Initial assessment: A well planned strategy is crucial to your campaign’s success. We meet with you to learn about your business and assess your PPC campaign goals. Developing a strategy includes targeting your market niche, identifying your key demographics, and defining your primary geographic area.

Bing Ads account setup: We create your Bing Ads account for you, but you retain control of your account information.

Keyword research: How do you determine what your keywords should be? BoxCrush analyzes industry keywords, search trends, and competitors’ websites to develop an effective keyword list. We research both positive and negative keywords in an ongoing capacity. Negative keywords prevent your ads from showing on irrelevant searches.

Ad development: We develop ads that target your market by key demographics, using optimized keywords to promote your company’s message. Ads are linked to targeted landing pages on your website, so we can measure how ads are driving traffic.

Ongoing account management: PPC campaigns require ongoing account management. We keep your account optimized by monitoring campaign performance, which includes analyzing impressions, clicks, and click-through-rates to maximize your ROI. In addition, we analyze the actual search queries, to determine the effectives of both positive and negative keywords. With this information, we can adjust your keyword strategy to increase account performance.

Quarterly Bing Ads reports: Knowing how to interpret the data in your account reports is key to your Bing Ads campaign’s success. Data can be parsed in a number of ways, and BoxCrush reviews and analyzes this data. You receive quarterly customized reports and in-depth analysis of your campaign that detail your ROI, show how individual keywords are performing, and examines how budgets are being managed. Geographic reports and other customizations are available upon request.

Bing/Yahoo Ads round out your PPC strategy, providing strategic, cost effective, and flexible Internet advertising.

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