Keyword Research

You know you want your website optimized for search engines and you want your digital marketing to get results. Where do you start?

Keywords. Knowing what keywords and phrases to target is a critical first step for effective digital marketing. We interview you to find out the terms your industry and customers use, and work with you to develop a list of topics people might search for if they are looking for your products and services. What’s next?

Keyword Research. Starting with the list of words and phrases we build based on our interviews with you and our own industry research, we use specific tools to find out how people are currently using search engines related to those terms. Maybe you thought your customers would search for “widget” but really they are searching for “thingamajig.” Keyword research uncovers that fact. Then what?

Application. We apply our findings in several ways. Using the list of high-incidence terms, we can write search engine optimized copy that draws readers to pages that can answer their questions and address their needs—bringing new customers to your message. We also use keywords to drive effective digital ad placement. Knowing what your customers are looking for (or NOT looking for) helps us know where to place ads so that the clicks you get are from people who might actually close a deal, not immediately leave looking for something else.

Keyword research is a critical part of SEO and effective digital marketing. Our highly trained, certified keyword specialist makes sure that your materials reach the widest pool of people—the right people, who convert to customers.