SEO Copywriting

It’s just not enough to put up a website and hope for the best. The volume of information on the internet means you have to be strategic if you want people—the right people—to find your site and absorb your message. A very small percentage of internet users go directly to a website by typing in the URL, but to find new customers and increase market share, you need to get attention by leveraging the power of search.

When an internet user types in a term or question on a search engine, the search engine’s algorithm sorts available websites somewhat by structure and smart coding but, increasingly, the content of your website is what boosts your site in search engine rankings.

To some extent, you capture search engine rankings organically—your site is about a particular topic—but to really get results, and to help potential customers find you, you need SEO copywriting.

BoxCrush SEO copywriting starts with keyword research. We weave carefully selected keywords into the text of your website, so the reading experience is fluid and natural, but so that search engines give your site authoritative rank on your chosen words and phrases.

It’s a bit of an art—good SEO copywriting follows the latest search engine updates to ensure keywords appear in the right places on the page and in headers and sub-titles, but also communicates clearly and effectively with human readers.

For a website that really gets results, you need an SEO strategy, and SEO copywriting is a critical part of that plan.