Content Updates

To determine the relevancy of a website, search engine robots periodically “crawl” content. Fresh, quality content tells robots that your site is relevant (and therefore deserves to be seen in search engine results).

Updating your content is critical to improving your visibility in search results. The BoxCrush marketing team can evaluate your website content and recommend a strategy that may include:

Search engine optimization – People may use different words to describe the same product or service. (For example: sofa or couch; housecleaning or cleaning service). BoxCrush conducts keyword research to determine the words and phrases that are most likely to lead your target audience to your website. We can write your content for you, or infuse your existing content with keywords.

Expanding content – Generally, each page on a website should contain at least 350 words of unique content. If content is sparse, we’ll recommend expanding it. We may also recommend additional types of content – white papers or how-to guides, for example.

Product descriptions – Online shoppers can easily compare similar products from different vendors. Informative product descriptions (even if you don’t have an eCommerce website) can help you gain an edge over competitors.

Blogging – Blogs that educate, inform, or entertain may help people discover your brand. This type of content is not intended to sell your product. Think of blogging as “soft” marketing – it can demonstrate your knowledge on a subject, convey your organization’s values, or help solve a problem for the reader.

Images or graphics – Content is more than just words. Graphics and images may not have a direct impact on how search engine robots view your page, but they do influence how site visitors respond to your site.

About Dynamic Content

BoxCrush’s user experience (UX) design team can configure websites to display specific types of content based on user actions or data. (You’ve probably seen dynamic content – if you return to a website and immediately see a specific product you previously viewed).

Content Development Services

The BoxCrush team can help you determine what type of content you need to boost your online visibility and increase traffic to your site. Our marketing team has decades of experience producing compelling content that drives consumers toward specific and measurable goals.

If you need fresh content, or a new content strategy, get at us.