Analytics and Reporting

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an iterative process – that is, to keep getting good search engine rankings, you have to adopt a policy of continual improvement. Customer search behavior changes over time and differs by device – people search differently from their phones than from their desktop computers.

Each search engine uses a slightly different algorithm to rank search results, and those algorithms change regularly. BoxCrush takes these trends into account, monitors your site’s performance on different search engines, and carefully analyzes strategic ways to boost your site’s ranking.

We build websites with SEO-friendly design features and structures, perform keyword research, and write search engine optimized copy to boost your site’s rankings across search engine platforms. 

Our Approach to SEO

Whether you’re looking for eCommerce conversions, sales leads, or increased brand awareness, we tailor our Indianapolis SEO services to your business. In our reports, we can show you how your website ranks for particular keywords, as well as how well your competitors rank for those keywords. Reports can also reveal what keywords are bringing in visitors who convert. Each month, we will make recommendations for further improvements, and after implementation, track the difference those improvements have made.

Our SEO analytics reporting suggests ways to improve content, shift keywords, reposition information, or add pages to get the most benefit. For example, if we see that a particular keyword is associated with a high bounce rate (meaning visitors to your site landed on a page but took no other action), that would indicate we need to analyze the use of or relevancy of that keyword, or whether it's appropriate for that particular landing page.
SEO tactics don’t immediately increase website traffic in the way pay-per-click advertising does. It takes long-term planning for website optimization and off-site signals to boost your digital presence, but the results are measurable.
Quality SEO analytics is more than keyword tracking – it’s a comprehensive performance analysis designed to get results.