Email Marketing

If you have a list of customer email addresses, you’ve got the foundation for a strategic marketing campaign. But what do you do with those addresses? How do you use them to drive sales goals?

BoxCrush will help you harness the power of your email list. We offer three levels of email marketing services, so you can choose only the services you need. We’ll help you get started, or we’ll manage every aspect of your long-term lead-nurturing email marketing campaigns.

Why List Management is Important

Your email address list needs to be updated periodically to remove inactive or uninterested subscribers. Without an easy way to unsubscribe, recipients might label your messages as spam, which could have a negative impact on your overall deliverability.

Inactive subscribers might have abandoned an old email address, or maybe they’d just prefer to receive fewer emails. When you choose BoxCrush to manage your email lists, we’ll ensure the people receiving your newsletter are interested in your brand, product, or services. We can also track who your loyal customers are and set up campaigns designed to retain them.

Building Your Lists

In addition to managing your email lists, we can help those lists grow. Our content development services team can create downloadable content for your website that’s designed to capture email addresses.

What Email Marketing Can Do for You

Anytime we send an email to your address list, we can see who opens it, how much time they spend reading it, and whether they take action based on the email’s content. It’s a simple way of tracking engagement and understanding the type of content your audience wants to see.

How A/B Testing Can Give You Insights

How do you create content that will resonate with subscribers? The answer is: relentless testing. Through A/B testing, we can experiment with different approaches to learn what subject lines are most effective in improving open rates and what types of content and layouts are best for boosting click-through rates.

Using Data to Guide Marketing Plans

Based on what we know about your subscribers – how they engage with you, and where they spend time online – we can create content that resonates with them. And if you choose marketing automation services to complement your email marketing efforts, we can create user personas that tell you about your target audience’s demographics, preferences, and buying habits.