Delta Sigma Pi

Sitefinity development and 3rd party integration.

Delta Sigma Pi
  • Migrated content from Joomla to Sitefinity CMS
  • Performed content audit on more than 700 pages and PDF files
    • Created legacy-site-map for 301 redirect planning
  • Created new content
    • Re-targeted content to speak to 5 core audiences
    • Created 150 new content pages with SEO
    • 75 rewritten content pages with SEO
    • 75 edited content pages with SEO
  • Inserted more than 300 consolidated content pages, 700 PDF files, and 200 images into new Sitefinity website
  • Created custom chapter locator and connected it to 3rd party database
  • Implemented Sitefinity eCommerce and migrated existing products
  • Created password protected Members Area and migrated secure content
  • Implemented single sign-on with 3rd party user accounts
  • Implemented comprehensive 301 redirect strategy
  • Created and implemented new Sitefinity templates
  • Implemented responsive design
    • Utilized the Sitefinity Layout builder to allow client to manage layouts and responsive design capabilities

“After looking at numerous vendors, we were drawn to BoxCrush because of their experience with the Sitefinity CMS and their tell-it-like-it-is attitude.  We knew we needed not a vendor, but a partner, as we underwent a complete website overhaul.  New design, new features, and completely new content.  The BoxCrush team took the time to learn about our organizational structure, history, and operations so that they could write the content, build the integrations, and most importantly, guide us through a massive undertaking.”
- Jeremy Levine

Delta Sigma Pi is the premiere co-ed business fraternity in the United States. With over 260,000 initiates, members are located across the country and around the world. Members work together to build professional skills, leadership abilities, management potential, and character. Their Central Office is located in Oxford, Ohio, adjacent to the Miami University campus.


Delta Sigma Pi knew alumni and collegiate members both expected a state-of-the-art website. Like most organizations, the importance of presenting a highly functional website couldn’t be overstated. Their dated website had grown like kudzu over the years in its part Joomla / part custom CMS. Pages and files were not easily located by the members who needed quick access to them. It was hard for staff to manage content and hard to navigate through files, images, documents and pages. Delta Sigma Pi needed a mobile solution, as its members were on the go and needed information when they were away from their desktops. Members expected a 21st century website, and its Central Office was ready to deliver.


BoxCrush conducted a content audit on more than 700 pages and PDF files, finding the duplicates, the incomplete, and the irrelevant. Due to the previous CMS’ limitations the (rather large) sitemap had to be created by hand as the organization of content both new and old was planned out. BoxCrush and Delta Sigma Pi worked closely to define the target audiences and built personas.

Then came the challenging part.

The BoxCrush team worked closely with Delta Sigma Pi to streamline the content of the website. Five distinct audience profiles each had a different purposes for visiting the site, so content was written, edited, and restructured with intent in mind.

One of the most important pieces of this project was creating a custom Chapter Locator for alumni members. BoxCrush built a custom interface with a pre-existing 3rd party database (Patriot) to populate map data that could be sorted by chapters, provinces, states, and status.

BoxCrush worked with the Patriot team to develop a single sign-on user interface for fraternity members. Members can login to the Delta Sigma Pi website to access protected information. This login functionality grants members seamless access to the chapter management tools on Patriot’s system with no need to login again. 

“What impressed me the most about BoxCrush, was that they did not simply disappear once the site launched. Their staff is in regular contact with our people and they have continued to improve the site's features, look, and performance in the time since we went live. We do appreciate the efforts to overcome all the challenges.

Although, they did make me sit in the front row for Star Wars. Resulting in severe neck and spinal damage. Statute of limitations expires in 6 years.”

- Bill Schilling


BoxCrush developed several other custom sitefinity modules for the website that interface with Patriot in real-time. Fraternity members who are logged in can:

  • Update their member profile

  • Submit achievements and life events

  • Buy jewelry and materials from the Deltasig shop (using integrated Sitefinity ecommerce)

  • Submit nominations for fraternity boards and committees

When tearing down a previous web property and replacing it with a new one, it is vital that no harm is done to an organization’s search rank positioning. Using the hand created sitemap, BoxCrush mapped the URL path locations of all old content and redirected it to the new URL locations on a 1-1 basis. This strategy enabled every old URL to redirect to the corresponding page on the new website preserving existing Google search results, user bookmarks, and thousands of links that had built up from 3rd party websites.

When the new Delta Sigma Pi website went live, it ranked just as high in the organic search engine rankings as the legacy site had been ranking, and within days of launching, it ranked higher and higher. The site works well on any device, and in any browser. The new site is easier to navigate, and each of the five audiences can find their way around without confusion.

Delta Sigma Pi’s new Sitefinity website met each of the organization's goals. The new site successfully migrated what they wanted to keep, and many new features debuted.