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The Benefits of BoxCrush

BoxCrush can provide services such as graphic design, web development, SEO, content writing, email marketing, paid search, online advertising strategy, analytics, reporting, automation, IT support, and more.

We Crunched The Numbers

We uncovered the data comparing the choice between a digital marketing agency and an in-house team, including Bureau of Labor Statistics details on salaries for a range of marketing roles.

Don’t forget that the cost of taking on a new employee means more than just their salary, Once you factor in the cost of recruiting, background checks, onboarding, training, and benefits, the dollars really add up.

For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a Marketing Manager in 2022 was $131,181, and the total cost to hire a new employee can be three to four times the position's salary.

We also explore additional costs of subscription services for marketing automation, analytics, and contact relationship management platforms. For example, marketing automation + CRM ($800-$5000/month) and email marketing ($50-$200/month). All of these elements could easily range from $17,000 a month to more than $20,000.

Let’s break it down.

BoxCrush Annual Investment Graphic

Or, for around $10,000 a month, you could hire a full-service digital marketing agency to fulfill your web development, design, and marketing needs. That’s significantly less than the cost of a salary and benefits package for a full-time marketing manager and other essential staff, and you also have the automation platforms, troubleshooting, IT assistance, graphic design, and website development covered as well.

Our Benefits

  • Expertise: Versatile and resourceful with diverse industry expertise. We come with a variety of skills in strategy, design, content, SEO, analytics, reporting, and more! 
  • Scalability: BoxCrush evolves along with you. We adapt to your growing business and we can scale our services to suit your needs. 
  • Competitive Cost: We offer competitive pricing without the full-time overhead.
  • Always On Top: Our team stays current with the latest trends and technology to provide a cutting-edge digital experience for your audience.
  • Reduced Risk: Mitigate the risk associated with staff turnover. Our team has you covered 24/7!


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