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How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Manufacturing Business in 2020

by Michelle McNally | Sep 9, 2020, 13:00 PM
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Manufacturers with a global supply chain or customer base have been monitoring the novel coronavirus since it first emerged in Wuhan, China. As the virus reached the United States and new information emerged about how the virus spread, even manufacturers with an entirely domestic supply chain needed to shift operations for safety reasons. 

If you’ve shifted focus or processes, you are not alone. Do your customers, vendors, and supply chain partners know how you’ve adapted? We’ve got some insights on how digital marketing can help you keep people informed.

Share on Social

Social media posts can help communicate how your company is making the best of the current situation. Are your employees getting used to new workspaces or safety gear? Have you reconfigured your production line to account for social distancing? Sharing what’s happening behind the scenes can build faith in your brand. 

Manage Expectations

Managing customer expectations about fulfillment and delivery is a high priority in 2020. Both Google My Business and Facebook now have fields specifically designated for COVID-19 messaging. For email updates, custom templates for delivery and fulfillment messages can save time when updating a large customer base on order status. Website banners work well for general announcements.

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Vendors and sales reps may also need to know your new procedures for deliveries or in-person meetings. If your business isn’t receiving visitors right now, add that to your Google My Business listing and website banner. If you are receiving visitors, an automated email the day before their visit can include information about on-site safety procedures, to help put your visitors at ease.

Use Your Time Wisely

Did 2020 force a realignment of sales goals? If your plans for expansion and growth are at a standstill, concentrate on your core business. Take a look at what you’re offering, and create fresh marketing materials that emphasize the value your business brings to your current client base. By refreshing your current collateral, you’ll be ready when the economy starts to grow again. Following is a list of steps you can take to ramp-up your marketing knowledge and execution, along with BoxCrush resources that may help you.

Action Steps:

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business in 2020


Update your Google My Business listing with any COVID-19 related updates

Create a website banner or homepage announcement that your website visitors can easily see

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Use email marketing to notify customers and vendors of important updates

Share updates about business operations via social media and blog posts

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