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How to Use Your Product Information to Make New Content

by Michelle McNally | Jul 29, 2020, 13:00 PM
Product information

(This post is the last in our series on repurposing content. Today, we are looking at how the words and formats you use to describe your products or services can be a good starting point in creating content for consumers). 

You know what makes your products or services unique, and how to describe them. Why not turn that knowledge into pieces of content? At BoxCrush, we created single-sheet documents that describe each of our services. Our sales team can use these to explain services to prospective clients, and we can also share them on social media, with an accompanying graphic. 

Here are some other ways to generate content based on your products or services: 

Illustrations and Graphics

Do you sell a product that requires assembly or usage instructions? An illustrated step-by-step version of instructions can be used on social media, on your website, or as part of your sales process. 

If you sell a service, consider creating graphics to explain one or more of your processes. For example, BoxCrush gives every new client a guide that illustrates how to submit a support ticket. 


A how-to video can be a valuable resource for both your current customers and potential customers. Making a video doesn’t have to be complicated, either – a smartphone and a tripod should be adequate for recording a hands-on demo, and several apps are available for recording on-screen actions (a handy way to show how a piece of software works).

Run a moving company? Make a video demonstrating the best way to pack a box. Offer financial services? You’d be surprised how many people search for spreadsheet templates for business operations. Offer physical therapy? Share simple stretches for people who work from home. 

The how-to format works for print, too. Think about how to explain one of your processes in a way that helps readers. You can see an example of this in our blog about how to perform a content audit. 


Are your loyal customers singing your praises on Instagram? Do you have a long list of five-star Google reviews? Contact your satisfied customers and ask them if you can share their posts. Most consumers value testimonials more than other types of content when evaluating whether to purchase a product or service.

Sneak Peek

Working on something new? Is a new logo or website in the works? Create excitement with a “sneak peek” or a countdown to the “big reveal.” Sneak peeks and other early insider information add value to an email newsletter or membership in a private Facebook group. 

Providing ongoing value to your customers and clients can be a challenge, but when in doubt, share information about what you know best – your products and services.


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