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Going Beyond the FAQ: How to Turn Questions into Content

by Michelle McNally | May 21, 2020, 13:00 PM
Going beyond the FAQ

(This post is the fourth in a six-part series about repurposing content. Today, we’ll look at how to use your FAQ content as a springboard for more content about your business).

Creating fresh content for your website is an ongoing task that can sometimes feel like a chore. What else can you say about your company? What else do people want to know about your product or service? Chances are, you’ve already answered some of those questions on your website’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

The FAQ page is a good resource for customers who want to learn about shipping options, how to reach customer service, or if a product is safe to use in a certain situation. If you know people are interested in the FAQ page, why not give them more of what they’re looking for on your website? We’ve got some tips on how to expand FAQ content for other uses.

Production Video

Potential clients may be curious about your production facilities or manufacturing process. A video showcasing your facility or how your product is made is a high-impact way to bring your story to life. Footage of your factory elicits a more emotional response than a description such as “our 40,000 square foot production facility.” (See how BoxCrush client Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals uses video to showcase what they do).

Demonstration Video

If you’re making a product that includes usage instructions, a “How to Use” video is an easy way to turn bland text into engaging content. Post videos on your website and share via social media.

Product Guide or How-To Guide

Not everyone wants to watch a video, so try offering the same information in different formats. An illustrated guide or a downloadable diagram or infographic may be more engaging for some of your customers. (Learn how BoxCrush created a series of how-to guides to help a well-established brand reach a new audience).

Blog Post

Sometimes it is difficult to answer a question in the FAQ format. In that case, develop a blog post that provides a detailed answer and link to it from the FAQ. For example, medical offices may field a lot of questions from new patients about paperwork or insurance – that information is more easily explained in blog post. Linking to a blog from the FAQ provides the information visitors need while also leading them deeper into your site. 



A tooltip is a short piece of information that appears when a user hovers over part of a website. While not content you can widely share like a blog post, tooltips can improve the user experience by providing additional context or explaining an action as it happens.

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