Agile(ish) Project Management

Here’s what BoxCrush doesn’t do: Plan a single long-term goal that uses every penny of your budget and fails to account for unexpected needs you may have along the way. We prefer agile(ish) project management – setting a series of short-term goals that clients can budget for consistently.

The agile(ish) approach is collaborative. We work with you to identify your goals, then we create tasks for our team. You decide which tasks are a priority, and priorities can change if we encounter hiccups in the process, or as you identify new immediate needs. With remote access to our project management system, you can see progress on every task, ask questions, and offer feedback.

Room to Grow

When you update your operating system on your computer or mobile device, you’re getting a new-and-improved version of something you already have. BoxCrush operates similarly – we present clients with deliverables as they’re available, and we revise and improve deliverables with each iteration.

Our flexible workflow allows us to add items when you identify new needs. Work can be prioritized as:

  • Wish list – Goals that are not yet tasks in the workflow
  • Backlog – Tasks that need client input, or internal input from a BoxCrush team member
  • Action items – Tasks that have been clearly defined and will be assigned to the BoxCrush team
  • In progress – Tasks that are in progress, with a deadline
  • Ready to deploy – Development-related tasks that are complete and ready to be added to a website
  • Done – Completed tasks

Working in short, measurable sprints allows us to move tasks back to the wish list, should a high priority action item arise.

Building Relationships

BoxCrush helps clients identify paths to success. When a potential client says, “I need a new website,” we ask why. Because if the client’s goal is to achieve a greater online presence, that may entail many different efforts – social media management, ad campaigns, email marketing, and more. We can build websites, and we can build the collaterals that lead people to websites.

When you partner with BoxCrush, we can continually guide and improve your marketing strategy and online presence. If you’re ready to explore the benefits of agile(ish) project management, get in touch.