Our Process/Philosophy

If you hire a company to build your home, you expect that you can drop by and check on the progress while it’s under construction. That same kind of transparency should apply to website development, but external developers often create a website for a business without getting feedback along the way. The client only sees the website once it’s finished, and if it doesn’t meet their expectations, they have to pay additional fees for modifications.

BoxCrush doesn’t work that way. We believe that rolling out a website is an iterative process – we give you a working website, and with your feedback, we refine and improve it over time. And when you choose our ongoing services, we update, improve, and monitor your website and troubleshoot any problems you encounter. You’ll never need a new website, if your website is always evolving.

How We Work

Our project management system allows the BoxCrush team and our clients to track and monitor tasks. In that system, you can post feedback, start discussions, ask questions, and share files. You can choose who in your organization subscribes to specific tasks and discussions (subscribers receive notifications when someone comments, or takes an action).

We use this system because it’s infinitely more efficient than having an ongoing team discussion via email, and it’s a secure, private environment. It also allows us to identify any gaps in our workflow, so we can stay on target.

By working in short, measurable sprints, we’re able to complete tasks and present deliverables on an ongoing basis. That process keeps you involved and ensures your work agreement with BoxCrush never exceeds its defined scope.

The Benefits of an Ongoing Partnership

Our long-term clients have come to rely on our ability to anticipate their needs and challenges (and sometimes, they don’t know what those challenges are until we identify them). We can prepare your website for circumstances that are beyond your control, such as search engine algorithm updates that may affect where your site ranks in search results.

We can shift priorities quickly when an urgent need arises, and move other tasks to a low-priority status. We call our approach “Agile(ish) Project Management,” which means that instead of focusing on projects, we devote consistent effort to improving your online presence. That consistency also allows our clients to accurately forecast their spending for web development and marketing.

Never Redesign Again

When you choose BoxCrush to create and maintain your website, you don’t have to worry about needing a new website at some point in the future. Our development and design team understands that you need room to grow and adapt, so we create a flexible environment that we can continue customizing and updating.

BoxCrush is a full-service Indianapolis web development, design, and digital marketing agency. If you need help with your online presence, drop us a line.